Smartphones are revolutionizing internet usage and browsing behavior. Google, in its constant effort to improve the experience of its users, is Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List engine aimed at highlighting pages optimized for navigation from a mobile device.

It was on April 21 that Google rolled out the update to its “Mobile Friendly” search engine. In the United States, we speak of “mobilegeddon” to indicate its importance. Concretely, the Mobile Friendly update should favor pages adapted to mobile navigation in the results of searches carried out from a smartphone. Is your site Mobile Friendly? Are you wondering about this major update? Here are the answers !

Q&A – Everything you need to know about the Mobile Friendly update. When will the Mobile Friendly update be effective? The Mobile Friendly update is already effective, and has been since April 21.

What is the Mobile Friendly update? Who will be impacted? It first highlights the pages suitable for mobile browsing in the search results. This update only concerns people searching from a smartphone.

How Long Have We Heard Of This Update?

In December 2014, Google announced that it was testing a new algorithm allowing it to promote mobile browsing. This is also the first time that Google has communicated on an update of its algorithm. This being important, Google wanted to allow webmasters to do the necessary before its deployment.

Does the Mobile Friendly update impact searches from a computer? This update has no impact on searches performed from a computer. The Mobile Friendly update does not apply to searches from a tablet. Only smartphones are currently affected.

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How do I verify that my site is Mobile Friendly?
There are several ways to verify that a site is Mobile Friendly. However, to be really sure, just check directly on Google that your site is labeled “Mobile Site” in the search results. However, it is possible that your site is not yet labeled.

To check that your site is suitable for mobile browsing, all you need to do is go to the Google mobile compatibility test platform and enter the relevant URL there. If your website is not Mobile Friendly, Google provides you with a list of fixes.How long will it take for my site to be labeled after making the changes?

Does It Impact Searches From A Tablet?

The Mobile Friendly algorithm is a real-time algorithm. In other words, once the changes have been made, you will simply have to wait for your page to be refreshed by Google. This can range from a few hours to over 72 hours.

If my site is not Mobile Friendly, will it be deindexed?
No. Your site will always be referenced on Google but it is likely that your positioning will suffer.

In conclusion,
This update is undoubtedly a turning point for the search engine and for website SEO. Even if we are not yet able to gauge the impacts of the Mobile Friendly algorithm today, there is no doubt that it will be detrimental in the more or less short term for sites not intended for mobile browsing.

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SEO on May 7, 2015 at 15 h 39 min Reply. Note that this change in Google’s algorithms only affects search results on a mobile platform. I think google takes things seriously, which is why sites wishing to appear in the first search pages on a mobile device should get started as soon as possible (if they haven’t already done so) otherwise their site will lose visibility.

Simplewebsite on April 30, 2015 at 19 h 37 min Reply. Personally, I haven’t noticed anything special about the requests that interest me. Afterwards, we do not yet have enough material to really take stock of this new algo. Unless all this is still a bad move from Google … disinformation and the threat reigns. Leave a comment !

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