This is the heart of your job interview. You ask questions. During the exploration interview – the 1 st – you ask the questions. During Azerbaijan Email List candidate. Usually. The conclusion. After 45 minutes/hour of maintenance, it’s time to go your separate ways. Conclude by clearly stating what will happen next to the candidate. Whether the sentence is positive … or negative! At the end of this interview phase, you have all the keys to assess the candidates and make your decision. Once is not custom. Like Lead Scoring, which consists of measuring the level of qualification and commitment of a Lead generated by Digital Marketing, we recommend that you score your candidates here.

We could speak of “Candidate Scoring”. The idea here is to make a rational decision while providing candidates with a “Digital Marketing” experience that reflects your maturity and your strategy. To do this, all you need to do is take the characteristics of your Digital Marketing recruit and set a number of points for each of them. Then, depending on the characteristics they have, your candidates will have a higher or lower score. You can do this in tabular form. Once this is done, you probably have the 2 or 3 candidates received during the 2nd interview in mind. I recommend that you carry out a final more human assessment by analyzing in detail.

The candidate’s references

The results generated by the candidate; The candidate’s values; Contacting references can be a good way to validate whether the candidate will thrive in your business by gathering objective information about their personality and behaviors. And There you go. You have reached the end of your research and your “Digital Marketing recruitment” adventure is coming to an end. Now you have to communicate your decision. Step Inform the lucky one… and the others! Informing the lucky one is the fun part. You can inform him by phone and send him a promise of employment if he is already in post. They will make an appointment for him to come and sign his employment contract.


You must also inform the other applicants of your final decision. For all the CVs received that you did not receive for an interview, you can “just” send them a personalized e-mail. For all those you have chosen for an interview, I recommend that you contact them to give them constructive feedback. The reasons for your choice are good. Advice on how to improve their application is perfect. All of this is essential for your employer brand. Too many companies either fail to notify unsuccessful applicants or just send a copy/paste email. For lack of time but above all of desire. It is a shame because the candidates have invested themselves.

A candidate stands out

and because this can also allow you to strengthen your brand image. Conclusion. A Digital Marketing recruitment is being prepared. To succeed in your Digital Marketing recruitment, you must, first of all, define your needs: the skills and qualities expected, the training and experience desired, the desired personality. With all this, you can write a key job description that you will disseminate through strategically selected levers to attract qualified candidates. Co-optation remains the best option. Then come specialized websites and blogs, social networks, your website, and recruitment firms. With all this, you will receive a lot of CVs that you will have to sort out to receive only the best in interviews.

The interview phase will allow you to gather all the information you need to make your decision. Your Digital Marketing recruitment will know after its outcome. You will not forget to inform ALL applicants of your decision. When your Digital Marketing recruit arrives, you can take action and generate maximum return on investment! Well done. We understand that by clicking, we will retrieve a white paper. With the 6 examples of the previous Call-to-Action, you have enough to create an effective button. To optimize your results, you will have to take the next step: contextualization. To put it simply, it is important to understand that an Internet user is more or less engaged with you and more or less mature in their purchase thinking.

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