If we take the example of my tweet above: I shared an article I wrote on the blog presenting 34 tools for Senegal Phone Number List Social Networks . On Twitter, this tweet generated 20 retweets (shares) and 23 “likes”. These people are therefore sensitive to my article and therefore potentially have a need for web communication.

Connect with these hot contacts
Now that you’ve identified contacts who are interested in your content, you need to connect with them. All you need to do is send them a message thanking them for their interest in your post and adding them to your network. Depending on their feedback, you can present your activity to them and then try to get a physical or telephone appointment.

The key to success here is being clear about your intentions. Studies show that, on the internet, you get better feedback when you clearly ask someone for something. Clearly, you want Internet users to share one of your articles, ask them!

Convert Them Into Customers

Companies that have integrated social media into their business development strategy often tend to take the first two steps and stop there. It’s not that bad already, but it’s not enough.

Now that you have identified and established a relationship with new prospects, it is essential to integrate them into your communication strategy in the same way as a prospect acquired by phone or door to door. Concretely, it is a question here of entering all the information around new prospects in a CRM software and from there, to send them ultra-personalized communications and this, in the good tempo.


By communication, I mainly mean quality e-mailings adapted to the maturity of your prospect. You can’t send the same email to a prospect who is ready to buy today as you would to a prospect who will have a need in 24 months.

To better understand this step, I recommend that you read this article presenting the 4 pillars of successful web communication .

Make your customers ambassadors
At this point in the method, if you do a good job, you will get new customers. However, it would be a shame to stop there: did you know that acquiring a new customer costs on average 14 times more expensive than retaining one? The 4th step therefore takes on its full meaning. For this last step, you will have to do several things:

Retain Them So That They Become Your Ambassadors

Maintain the relationship with your new customers;
Encourage them to recommend you;
Repeat the whole method with the contacts of your new customers!
To maintain the relationship with these new customers, you will simply have to continue to send them quality communications and reach them through your social networks. The objective here will be, for example, to ensure your after-sales service, to improve the customer experience or to remind you of their fond memories in the event of new needs.

Also think about inviting them to offline events, in real life. Even if we advocate digital, it is important to maintain a real relationship to retain your customers. I suggest that you organize regular private sales, open days or even thematic breakfasts. Here, it’s up to your imagination!

Finally, I recommend that you then repeat the method with the contacts of your contacts on social networks: “You are in contact with Mr. X on LinkedIn. Mr. X is one of our clients, here is what we can bring you etc… ” You must centralize and use all the information that you can collect at the end of each of your communication actions.

Whether it is from your website, via an e-mailing campaign or even on social networks, you can identify your most interested contacts, measure their engagement and assess their maturity in the purchasing process. With all these elements, you will be able to personalize your communications as much as possible, optimize them and even automate them!

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