First. Just set your blog page as your home page. And second. Install the “plugmatter’s feature box” plugin. Pretty simple. Right? . Enchanting marketing if you’re running tight on budget. You may want to consider adding a feature box like smart blogger. But in my Sri-Lanka Phone Number experience. You should stretch your budget a little further and get any landing page builder like leadpages or optimizepress and then. Set a landing page as your home page with a small link to the main blog. 

Take this example from enchanting marketing. The homepage is a simple landing page with a small link to the main page at the bottom of the landing page. Sri-Lanka Phone Number Here’s why it works since everyone wants more conversions. A landing page is the best way to do so. There’s no other option that beats the landing page when it comes to convert people. Unlike other generic landing pages. Henneke uses her image. Which immediately builds trust with people and gets them to subscribe. Finally. She has sprinkled social proof all over this page. Which makes her trustworthy. 

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And if you ask me. This is what your homepage should look like if you want more email subscribers. It doesn’t disappoint because there’s still a link to the blog. And it also converts those visitors who might be interested in getting your lead magnet and Sri Lanka phone number hearing more from you. Tip: leadpages is one of the top lead generation tools that jeffbullas uses. . Razor social the purpose of your homepage should always be to get each of your website visitors to visit your website whenever you want. The best way to do that is by capturing their email address so that you can connect with them whenever you want. 

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Razor social is all about this. There’s a big header with ian’s image on the left and a signup form on the right that’s asking for your email address. Here’s why I love this home page as I told you earlier. A big image instantly builds a connection. It shows that there’s Sri-Lanka Phone Number  a person behind this blog and he is not hiding under a rock. This is not a very fancy design. It’s a simple design that anyone can implement. Finally. All those elements that you need on your homepage are present in this homepage. There’s social proof. A signup form. Seductive offer to make people sign up. And also ian’s image to build connection. Again. This is just an example. You can create your homepage however you want. But it’s a great starting point. 

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Click here to subscribe . Neil patel neil patel needs no introduction. He is a content marketing giant churning five to six quality content pieces out every week. And using that he has built many companies. So looking at the homepage of those companies is out of the Sri-Lanka Phone Number question.  As they’re much more than just a blog. However. The homepage of his main blog. Neilpat. Is pretty much what your home page should look like. If you just want to capture more leads for your business. When you visit the homepage. There’s nothing to do. Neil just wants you to register for a free webinar. And here’s how he achieves this using his homepage: there is a big video that auto starts itself.

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