Even if some doubt its effectiveness, Emailing remains an essential tool in any good marketing strategy. Emailing Chile Email List and retaining them. You still have to know how to use it. How to create an effective Emailing? The answer is in 5 steps! How to optimize the open rate of your Emailing? How to write a relevant message for your Emailing? How to create an Emailing campaign that converts your prospects into customers? Digital marketing is full of tools, each more relevant than the last. Emailing has found itself drowned in the mass and is now far too often neglected. However, doing Emailing turns out to be the most effective marketing activity to gain customers.

The figures speak for themselves: according to a report published by Experian Marketing on the issues of Email Marketing, we see that Emailing remains the communication tool most used by companies (95.3%), ahead of websites (91%) and social networks (73.4%). How to create a good emailing – the numbers to know. The performance of Emailing in France is very interesting: the average open rate of an Emailing is 41% and the click-through rate is 5.67%. In other words, if you do an Emailing and send it to 10,000 contacts, on average, 4,100 of them will open it and over 567 will click on one of the links offered. However. the success of your Emailing campaign will depend on the quality of your Landing Page.

On the program in this article

It is necessary to respect certain good practices that we will see together. Why are we talking about Email Marketing? The answer is simple: to gain customers with Emailing, it is essential to build a complete Emailing strategy, just like marketing. The definition of Email Marketing. The definition of Email Marketing is simple: Email Marketing is the strategy of creating Emailings adapted to the expectations and behaviors of your target. To do an effective Emailing, it is important to know your target, your personas. The idea is to send the right message at the right time. For that, it is essential to understand the problems of your target and the questions they are asking.


This naturally brings us to the first step in creating effective emailing. Create an emailing c send the right message to the right person at the right time. To do an effective Emailing, you have to know how to send the right message to the right person at the right time thanks to the work of Persona. How to create the perfect emailing? The 5 key steps! The detractors of Email Marketing are generally so for lack of results. A few days ago, one of my clients, a B2B company, questioned the strategy that I proposed to him, this one is partly based around an Emailing campaign sustained over 3 months. This should be thought out for your final goal.

Why continue to do Emailing?

I tried to find out more and my client quickly told me that until last year, he was doing an Emailing every week to his prospects without ever having obtained the slightest return on investment. As I dug in, the reasons for the failure were obvious. Very often, I meet companies that use Emailing but do not really get any ROI. After analyzing their Email Marketing strategy, I often realize that this comes from the fact that they only send mass mailings, without any personalization and contextualization of the message. VSEs / SMEs do not always have the resources to hire a marketer and apprehend the creation of Emailing in an artisanal way.

To create effective e-mailing, it is important to respect some of the best practices listed below. Free: Download the Perfect Emailing Checklist. Determine your objectives and analyze your target. Specific objectives: The first question to ask yourself is: Why create an Emailing? What do you expect from it? If your answer comes down to “To sell, of course! You are on the wrong track. Of course, the goal will often be to develop your turnover. However, it is an end, not an objective. This purpose is made up of multiple objectives, some of which can be achieved through Emailing. To develop your turnover, you must make yourself more visible.

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