Some prospects are not yet ready to buy. You know their issues and needs inside out, but you know that these prospects Lesotho Email List months. In order not to lose them, you must nourish their reflection to bring them to maturity. Like many salespeople and during years of prospecting, during my meetings with prospects, I tried to best discover their needs. Whatever the method used – traditional prospecting or digital prospecting – the objective was to best identify the characteristics of my interlocutor. When the first meeting ends and all the information is gathered, you have enough to continue your relationship and engage in the next steps with your prospect.

But now, some prospects are ready to buy and others, the majority, are not. What to do with these prospects who are not yet mature enough? Do you put a note to remind them in a while or feed their purchase thinking with quality content? Respect the stages of the customer journey. There is nothing more annoying for the B2B buyer than a business relationship that revolves only around the final scene: the business proposition and the checkout. No one likes to go through this kind of situation. The one during which a salesperson tries by all possible means to speed up a sale and directs a customer to a product he does not want to buy.

Ask The Right Questions To Get The Right Answers

The modern buyer no longer accepts your forcing his hand! When dealing with a Lead whose maturity level you have already identified, be sure to follow the steps in their buying journey: buyer journey: how to attract customers with Inbound Marketing. To effectively feed your prospects’ buying thinking, be sure to send them content suited to their position in this journey. A prospect in the Awareness phase does not ask the same questions as a prospect in the Consideration or Decision phase. Be brief: An email = an idea. LESS IS MORE! In other words, the shortest emails are often more impactful than ten paragraphs that your Lead will have a hard time digesting. To effectively feed your prospects’ buying thinking.


Regularly send them short emails with a link to quality content, adapted to their level of maturity. Be careful not to multiply links, call-to-action buttons, and information of all kinds. Be brief! 44% of B2B emails are read in less than 10 seconds. If you want to grab the attention of your prospects and get them to take action, then get straight to the point. Personalize and contextualize your communications. As in “real life” reports, it is important to personalize your interactions on the Internet as much as possible. You will agree, using the wrong first name when speaking with a person or asking them about a subject that is not theirs is not the best way to seduce them.

We Naturally Opt For The 2nd Option

In your communications, you must use all the information at your disposal. Those that you collected during your meetings and especially those that your prospect to share indirectly with you by visiting your website or by interacting with your previous communications. Tip: think Marketing Automation! With a Marketing Automation solution, you can create email templates in which you integrate personalization elements ( Tokens ). Basically, these Tokens ask your Marketing Automation software to look for the first name, the name of the company, or the type of objectives that your prospect is pursuing. In this way, you can personalize your emails quickly and efficiently. Do you want to feed your prospects’ buying thinking? Download our B2B Marketing Automation Guide!

As an innovative company, we saw that 73% of your leads were not ready to buy. Clearly, they are either in the “problem discovery” or “solution identification” phase of the purchasing journey. To convert your leads into customers, you must therefore offer them content that answers the questions they ask themselves in these two phases to bring them to the decision phase. In this way, you will speed up their thinking while responding to their desire to lead their buying thinking on their own. This practice is the practice of Lead Nurturing. Lead Nurturing is greatly facilitated by a Marketing Automation tool that defines the maturity level of your leads. And sends the right message to the right person at the right time.

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