Have you invested a lot of time and money in creating your e-commerce site? Unfortunately, the results are not there? Here are the Bahrain WhatsApp Number List store sales are not taking off!

E-Commerce in France is constantly growing. In 2016, E-Commerce represented a turnover of more than 70 billion euros. Unfortunately, you’re not the only one who wants your piece of the pie. In France, FEVAD listed in 2015 no less than 182,000 E-Commerce stores. So how do you stand out and develop the sales of your E-Commerce store? Start by avoiding bad practices!

5 reasons why your E-Commerce store is not taking off
Your E-Commerce store is a digest of copied / pasted
Managing an e-commerce store takes time and the days are only 24 hours. As soon as possible, you do not hesitate to take the easy way out to save a little time. Thus, you take the photos sent by your suppliers and copy / paste the descriptions of its products.

Indeed, you save a lot of time in this way… But are you saying that your competitors are probably doing the same thing! Suddenly, your e-commerce store is just a copy / paste of hundreds of other stores! So why would consumers come to you?

Additionally, Google hates copy / paste (what it calls duplicate content) and there’s a good chance your e-commerce site won’t even appear in the first few pages of search results.

As you will have understood, you have everything to gain by personalizing the content of your website as much as possible. Yes, it takes more time but you will gain a definite advantage over your competitors!

Your images are not of good quality
In E-Commerce more than elsewhere, images play a primordial role. On the internet, of course, you can’t yet touch the product, smell its scent, try it on… Everything therefore depends on the quality of your visuals and your staging.

The Frequency Of Publication

Again, if you use the photos provided by your suppliers as a base, you will not attract crowds. With smartphones and tablets, more and more of us are shopping on the go. And in this situation, our concentration being limited, we are generally seduced by a visual. If your E-Commerce store is not working, check the quality of your visuals!

Your E-Commerce store is not optimized for SEO
As you know, the success of your E-Commerce store depends directly on its position in the search engines. 91% of Internet users do not go beyond the first page of Google results!

To be well ranked in search engines, your E-Commerce store must be optimized according to various good practices. Technically, your E-Commerce store must in particular be adapted to navigation from a mobile device and load quickly.

Then, to be well positioned in search engines, you must make sure that your content is well written for the web and that it includes your strategic keywords. Hence the advantage of not just copying / pasting the descriptions sent by your suppliers.


Finally, your E-Commerce store must be recommended by as many other websites as possible via external links. The links that point to your E-Commerce store are for Google proof of recommendation and therefore of the relevance of your site.

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The navigation on your E-Commerce store is too complex
If you’ve been analyzing your ecommerce store statistics on a regular basis, you may have found that you are experiencing a huge cart abandonment rate. The navigation on your E-Commerce store is undoubtedly at the origin of this problem.

Concretely, this is common sense, you have to understand that the longer the road between the selection of a product, the validation of the basket and the confirmation of the order, the more consumers you will lose! Each click inevitably lowers your sell rate.

You Don’t Analyze Your Actions

We note that in B2B, marketers prioritize above all tools to raise awareness and educate their target. In B2C, the privileged levers are those that make it easier to entertain and quickly convey information such as images, infographics and social networks.

Don’t forget the offline events!
To conclude this article around the content to create to develop the visibility and turnover of your company, I would like to stress the importance of events organized in real life. As you can see in the illustration above, offline events are the preferred communication lever for B2B marketers and come second in B2C.

As a digital expert, I am often labeled as an enemy of traditional communication. However, my clients will be able to testify, I am the first defender of these offline actions. For me, the biggest challenge of the next few years will be to allow his online community to meet in “real life”! To develop the sales of your E-Commerce store, avoid unnecessary steps in the act of purchase. Think about your consumers!

In stores, it is sometimes difficult to understand which communication actions lead to visits. On the internet, you can analyze all of your actions in real time using Google Analytics. If you do not sell on your E-Commerce store, check your statistics and you will necessarily find the reasons for your failure.

With Google Analytics, you can in particular check which pages are the most visited on your website, which browsers your consumers use, whether they visit your store mainly from a computer (PC or Mac), a smartphone or a tablet. You can also know the geographical origin of your visitors and even their centers of interest. Why deprive yourself of all this information?

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