E-commerce has many advantages. Low costs, a larger catchment area and efficient communication levers. But e-commerce is also Kenya WhatsApp Number List competition. Creating relevant product sheets is one of the keys to your success!

To be successful in selling your products on the internet, you have to be visible and attractive. OK but how ? To be seen, you have to be well positioned in the search engines. This goes through a relevant natural referencing strategy but also through the creation of content.

To be attractive, you have to bring something more to the consumer. Today, it is difficult to stand out by price or quality. With the Internet, consumers will often be able to find cheaper or better quality than you. So how do you stand out? There too the content has its role!

To be visible and attractive, it is important to create content. We must even go further and develop a real content strategy. We are talking about content marketing .

When you think of content, you immediately think of blog posts, white papers or infographics. We often forget an essential content: the product sheet!

Product sheets are all too often neglected by e-merchants. However, it is often through a product sheet that the Internet user will learn about your offer and your brand. But, as the saying goes, you don’t have two opportunities to make a good first impression!

The product sheet must therefore be considered as full content and enter into your content marketing strategy. Ok, but how do you make an effective product sheet?

This is how I started my career! With my master’s in marketing in hand, I was quickly hired as a product manager and my first mission was to create product sheets for an e-commerce site.

If I understood one thing correctly, in writing a product sheet – just like in writing content in general – we must first and foremost think of the consumer.

Write A Product Sheet – Ecommerce

Making a product sheet means thinking about the consumer! We are not going to kid ourselves. When we write content, we write it first for the search engines so that it is well positioned. But let’s not go to extremes! Good content is content designed for the consumer.

If your product sheet is not well referenced, it will not be seen and therefore not read, we agree! On the other hand, if you make a product sheet only for search engines, it will be well seen by the consumer. But be sure, your product sheet will not be read! The key to making an effective product listing is to address consumers as if you were one! How to do a good product sheet

To properly write a product sheet, it is above all important to use the words and expressions used by your target: your keywords. You will often be the only one to understand your technical jargon. Put yourself in the shoes of the typical consumer to write your product sheet!


Making a product sheet is also an opportunity to highlight the qualities and advantages of your product. Here too, think consumer! What are the consumer expectations that are met by your product?

Write unique product sheets
To be attractive, you have to be unique. So make sure that your product description is not a vulgar copy and paste of those of your competitors.

You are probably not the only e-merchant to have this supplier. If you just copy and paste the product sheet it provides you, you can be sure that it will end up in other stores!

A consumer compares and analyzes before making a decision. If you write a listing similar to that of your competitor, you will be labeled as a simple copy. Be the original!

How To Make A Relevant Product Sheet

Show your imagination and creativity. The consumer is always sensitive to the little touches. Customize your product sheet as much as possible, the consumer will be grateful to you.

In addition, original content is also the guarantee of quality SEO. Google doesn’t like cut and paste. If you use the same description as your supplier as your competition does, you can be sure that you won’t appear on the first few pages of results …

Write a color product sheet
A product sheet must be aesthetic. It should be well structured, uncluttered and easy to read.

To do this, pay special attention to the font used, the size and the color of your text. It’s a bit like knocking open doors, but your font should be large enough to facilitate reading. Also remember to spruce up your text with titles and paragraphs. Airy text is easier to remember than a large, indigestible block. Ecommerce – product sheet, how to do it

A product sheet is also a visual. A product sheet is a presentation of your product. How would you like to present your product without a photo?

As this article on the power of visual content indicates, 40% of people are more receptive to visual information than textual information. We also learn that a person only reads on average 20% of the words in a text …

When you make a product sheet, your product visuals must therefore be attractive and of good quality. If you don’t feel like a photographer, it may be worth hiring the services of a professional. Your investment will certainly pay off quickly.

Making a product sheet is … Tell a story ! Even if it’s in a nutshell, get the consumer involved in a story. The consumer wants to project himself with your product, imagine the benefits and the pleasure he will derive from it. That’s the power of storytelling !

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