Before you are ready to buy what. So 73% of the Leads you generally don’t want to talk to a salesperson yet. If you have Cayman Islands Email Addresses they hate you. You must first measure the level of qualification and maturity of your Leads. To do this, you can use the technique of Lead Scoring. I’m not going to start over with that, you’re used to it, we have a tip for that, a guide to using Lead Scoring properly. For Leads who are qualified and mature, you pass them on to the salespeople. For the others, you have to bring them to maturity. Comment?

We’re going to get straight to the point this time! We have a guide that explains how to do Lead Nurturing. To convert your leads into customers, you need to feed their buying thinking with Lead Nurturing. Concretely, the idea is to send relevant content from your blog to your Leads according to their characteristics, their behavior towards your communications, and their level of maturity. There you have it, your website is a real salesperson: it generates Leads and signs customers. So, I beg you. You realize that generating qualified leads on the internet takes a lot of time and effort. Suddenly, you are seriously thinking about not changing anything. In this case, I strongly alert you. lead generation what not to do

Your mission here is twofold

Next, your Landing Pages must be optimized. And yes, we also have a guide for that, a guide to creating an effective Landing Page. So yes, I’ll give it to you in a thousand: we also have a guide to creating effective lead generation forms. Yep, I’m not going to do the modest fake. Lead generation is the key to success. After you’ve done all of that, your site is ready to generate quality Leads. Convert your Leads to Customers. But this is the same. You can generate Leads by the thousands, if you don’t convert them, what’s the point in your turnover? So the challenge now is to put the odds on your side to convert your leads into customers.


And there, there is a very common ERROR TO AVOID absolutely: Aligning marketing and sales: a crucial issue. Stop sending all your leads to salespeople. I wrote an article that worked well that said, ” No, a guy who clicks in an email is not a sales lead. In this article, I put forward a statistic that will make sense for you. 73% of the Leads you generate are not ready to buy. Almost 3 out of 4. I’ll let you make the connection with what we have seen in the modern buyer. You know, the passage where I told my life Haha? The buyer no longer wants to talk to a sales representative before having a clear idea of ​​the solution he needs.

Make your customers your best ambassadors

It’s too common, I always see it in business. Since you don’t have time, you tell yourself that doing the first 3 steps is cool and skip the fourth. But you know it, don’t you? Gaining a new customer is much more expensive than retaining one. To generate qualified leads on the Internet, encourage your customers to promote you. If there’s one thing that hasn’t changed with the Internet, it’s that word of mouth remains the best source of customers. So keep in touch with your customers, don’t just send them your invoice for communication only. Suggest that they write a customer testimonial on your website or on social networks. Reward them for their loyalty.

Here, I’m going to disappoint you: we don’t have (YET!) A guide for that. But you know what you have to do. Don’t want to take action? Beware of the risks. So if you have read this article to learn how to generate leads with your website to the end, there are 3 options: First, you are exhausted and think only of going to bed. In this case, go ahead, you will be more efficient later! Second, you are ultra-motivated and you are about to take action immediately. In this case, I will answer you that you are forgetting one thing: work on your documented strategy! Finally, in the third option, you are shot.

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