For that, you must put all the chances on your side so that it fills out your lead generation form. It is Thailand Email List Call-to-Action. And therefore to send your visitor to a landing page dedicated to your offer. We are talking about Landing Page . Here is an example of a Landing Page that performs very well in our lead generation strategy. An Effective Landing Page is a Landing Page that: Limit distractions; Clearly presents the added value of your offer; Integrates an optimized lead generation form; Which naturally brings us to the next step. Submit a suitable form. The form is the crucial element of your B2B lead generation strategy. Without a form, you simply cannot generate leads .

Most of the companies I meet with use the same form for their contact page. As they do for their download pages. This is a big mistake. Why ? Your form must be perfectly suited to the nature of your content offering. And the visitor’s position in the purchasing journey. The more advanced a visitor is in their purchasing process. The more mature and ready they are to engage with you. You cannot ask the same information from a person who is starting their thinking process as from a person who has been maturing it for months. For your lead generation strategy to be successful, you need to think of your forms around the nature of your premium content offering.

Return the visitor to an optimized page

For an Awareness content offering, your form will only ask for basic information. Normal, the visitor at this stage is not ready to engage. For a Decision content offering, you can ask for much more. To be more concrete, here is an example of what we do for the agency: The Perfect Emailing Checklist – Lead Generation Awareness Offer. Free Digital Marketing Audit – Lead Generation Decision Offer. As you can see by analyzing the Landing Pages above, we do not ask for the same information from one offer to another. We keep it simple for the Awareness offer, dig a little deeper with the Consideration offer and ask for very specific information for the Decision offer.


This distinction is essential if you want to conduct an effective B2B lead generation strategy. Without these adjustments, you will not achieve your goals. To go further, a Marketing Automation tool like Hubspot also allows you to configure smart lead generation forms that replace fields already filled in a previous upload with others. Smart forms allow you to limit the number of fields in your forms to optimize your conversion rate, while retrieving the information you need to qualify and convert your leads. Top isn’t it? To go further here, we published an article identifying the reasons why no one is filling out your lead generation forms . Promote It All. Once you have completed the 4 previous steps, you have configured your conversion tunnel.

The lead is not qualified

Your website is ready to generate quality leads. Now for that you need visitors. For your lead generation strategy to be successful, you must integrate it into an overall Inbound Marketing strategy that will allow you to attract more qualified visitors to your website . Clearly, you must use all the Web Marketing levers at your disposal to promote your blog articles and your premium content offers:
SEO. Social networks. Emailing, Advertising campaigns. Here is a 120 Day Action Plan to Generate Leads with B2B Inbound Marketing. From Generation to Lead Management Generating leads is good. But if you fail to convert them, it won’t help. For your lead generation strategy to provide you with a significant return on investment.

it is essential to anticipate how you will manage your leads. The lead management matrix to convert. Clearly, you must set up a lead management system like the matrix above allowing you to immediately know how to treat a lead according to his level of qualification and his level of engagement. The lead management matrix is ​​an element that we inevitably integrate into the lead generation strategy of our clients. How does it work in practice? First, we are working on a Lead Scoring system allowing us to effectively measure the level of qualification and maturity of a Lead. Then there are several scenarios: The lead is sufficiently qualified and mature: we pass it on to the sales representatives. The lead is qualified but not mature: we feed his buying thinking.

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