Influencer Marketing is on the rise. Calling on influencers to promote your brand, products or services is a very Cabo Verde Email List buyer. But in B2B? How To Do Influencer Marketing Effectively? What is it again? As so often, there are two definitions of influencer marketing. There is a simple definition: Influencer Marketing is a strategy that involves soliciting influencers to promote your brand, products, and services. In fact, the definition of influencer marketing is a bit more complex: Influencer Marketing is a strategy that consists of identifying influencers relevant to your field of activity and encouraging them to transmit your messages to their engaged community. This definition is mine. This is how I see Influencer Marketing.

In fact, where it really gets complicated is the definition of an influencer. Is an influencer a celebrity? Not always. Is an influencer someone who has hundreds of thousands or even millions of subscribers on social networks? Not always. So what is an influencer? An influencer is a person who has a committed community in a specific area. The best known are naturally fashion and beauty influencers and “ Lifestyle ” influencers. But in B2B, it is not these influencers that will interest us. We will come back to this point a little later. In fact, there are two types of influencers to distinguish in Influencer Marketing. The “big” influencers and micro-influencers.

Definition of influencer marketing

Which influencers to succeed in your B2B influencer marketing strategy? When we look at this study carried out by Cision, we realize that companies do not necessarily prefer to work with a few recognized influencers rather than with a large number of micro-influencers. This trend is growing. In B2C as in B2B, companies that are successful in their influencer marketing strategy often rely on micro-influencers. Now that we have seen the definition of Influencer Marketing and how it works, let’s see how useful it is. What is Influencer Marketing for? Influencer Marketing is a great opportunity to gain visibility, strengthen your brand image, and gain new customers. You know it: making yourself known on the Internet takes time and a complete Digital Marketing strategy.


I am not saying that we must ignore these two elements. On the contrary. However, influencer marketing is a good way to generate a return on investment while waiting for the fallout from your content and SEO actions. Digital Marketing requires a minimum of 4 months to generate significant results. With influencer marketing, the payoffs can be almost immediate. Another essential point to integrate into your thinking around influencer marketing: It is more and more complex to be visible on social networks. To gain visibility and attract more fans/subscribers, influencer marketing is an interesting lever. You will reach engaged communities, assiduous on social networks, that you can convince to follow you on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

What is an influencer?

Influencer Marketing, an interest in B2B? For all the reasons we have just seen, yes, of course. But let’s go further. B2B decision-makers are always more connected and autonomous in their purchasing thinking. B2B lead generation stats. While he is always more reluctant to talk to a salesperson, he often starts his buying thinking on the Internet. The decision-maker uses search engines, consults blogs, and even uses social networks to lead his buying thinking. Besides that, the decision-maker is not fooled. He knows that you are implementing Digital Marketing actions aimed at attracting his attention and seducing him. As a result, they trust third-party content more than yours. Do you see what I mean?

Working with B2B influencers, experts in your field of activity will make it easier for you to convince the decision-maker to come and see what is being done with you. B2B influencer marketing is an excellent lever, but it is essential to properly identify your influencers. This is what we will see in practice. How to do influencer marketing in B2B? Identify the right B2B influencers. This is where the profitability of your B2B influencer marketing strategy will play out. So who are the most effective, most profitable influencers in B2B? B2B influencer marketing – how to identify influencers. According to this study carried out by Cision, the world leader in PR, intelligence, and influence software for professionals, journalists are the best influencers.

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