Our Inbound Marketing method is made for you! They want to communicate with you
1 in 4 Internet Finland Phone Number List with it. It is important to take this into account in your communication strategy on social media.

We are no longer in an era of one-way communication but in an era of conversational communication. To communicate effectively on social media you must not only interact with your fans / followers but also really listen to them.

Their friends are already following you or like your content.
This reason reveals the full potential of social networks for your brand: 21% of Internet users follow a brand on social networks because their friends follow it or like its content.

This data highlights the virality potential of social networks. In other words, if it’s difficult to get your first social media followers, then you benefit from exponential growth in your community.

Social Networks Are A Real Opportunity To Promote Your Business

To prospect effectively, you will first have to identify and prioritize the prospects who are the most active in their purchase thinking.

To do this, you can in particular identify prospects who regularly visit your website, who like, comment on or share your content on social networks or who have questions on specialized blogs / forums.

Then comes the moment of the first contact, a crucial moment in your commercial prospecting. If you want to prospect successfully and increase your return on investment, it is important to devote that first contact to adding value to your prospect.

Concretely, this is about bouncing back on one of his actions to offer your prospect additional content that will move him forward in his purchasing decision.


What we like to do for the agency and for our clients as part of a first contact, is to offer our prospect to download a white paper dealing in more depth with the subject of an article that he viewed or shared on their social networks.

Do you want to know everything to communicate perfectly on social networks? Download your free White Paper:

Talk to your teams
Communicating on the internet and social networks should be teamwork for your industry. Your employees are a wealth of information and are full of ideas to feed the blog and social networks of your industry. Even if they are not aware of it.

Whether it is your sales representatives, your technical department or your after-sales service, they are in constant contact with your customers. They therefore have a clear idea of ​​their expectations and the problems they encounter.

Organize a brainstorming session with your employees and explore their daily lives, for example via a keyword association workshop.

Google Your Industry

Since you want your targets to find your industry on the internet and search engines, research your industry yourself!

It is not enough here to enter the name of your industry on Google but rather to enter the keywords that come to your mind and that your customers could use to find solutions to their problems.

How to communicate well on social networks? Social networks occupy a major place in any good communication strategy. Very effective, they can also be very dangerous for your image if social networks are badly exploited. Here are the 7 mistakes to avoid.
With nearly 3 billion users around the world , social networks represent enormous potential for your visibility and the development of your turnover.

However, to take full advantage of it, it is important to define and implement a strategy adapted to your objectives, your market and the expectations of your target.

In order to prevent you from going straight into the wall, here are the 7 mistakes that I encounter most frequently in the field and that it would be wise to avoid in order to communicate well on social networks.

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