To attract visitors to your website and generate leads, it is essential to create content. Content is the Germany Email Database Marketing strategy, but let’s not go to the extreme. The Internet is overflowing with more or less interesting content and it is time to review our vision: write less but write better. A few months ago, I was writing content at a breakneck pace to attract more visitors to the website and generate more leads. At the top of my game, I wrote every day: 1 blog post minimum; 2 Facebook posts for the SLN Web page; two posts for my personal LinkedIn account; 2 posts for the SLN Web LinkedIn page.

30 tweets on my Twitter account; We are not going to lie to each other, the results have been delivered. As proof, this Digital Marketing strategy has enabled us to go from 12,000 monthly visitors to nearly 35,000 in the space of 12 months. But now, I got worn out and decided to take a step back. I began to analyze in detail the performance of these Digital Marketing actions and I realized that the progress was not proportional to the efforts and resources committed. Writing too much is not a profitable digital marketing strategy. To date, our Digital Marketing blog has over 500 articles. About 50 of these blog posts represent 50% of the volume of visitors we get each month.

It’s huge but you know what?

10% of the content we create brings us 50% of our traffic. 10% of our blog posts generate over 50% of our traffic. Not very profitable as a Digital Marketing strategy, right? To go further, 250 blog posts out of these 500 earn us less (and in some cases significantly less!) Than 100 visitors each month. Not very profitable as a Digital Marketing strategy, right? Write less to help better, that’s an effective Digital Marketing strategy. An effective Digital Marketing strategy, which attracts qualified visitors and ultimately converts them into customers, is a strategy that helps. The challenge is to understand deeply who is his ideal target, what are his expectations, his problems, what are his needs, and his behaviors.


To communicate well on the Internet, you must no longer sell: you must help! To define and lead an effective Digital Marketing strategy, it is important to understand how the buyer’s thinking is articulated and what are the triggers that take them from visitors to prospects and then from prospects to customers. You can then use them in your content to achieve your goals. And concretely, that takes a lot of time. The challenge today is therefore to save time spent writing impersonal content to allocate it to this search for information and to the creation of high value-added content, which kindly helps your target audience. Writing less to optimize more, the key to optimal Digital Marketing ROI.

The challenge here is therefore to favor personas

On the Internet, we don’t sell, we help. The other essential point and which explains why the majority of our articles do not bring us as much as they should: the lack of optimization. Clearly, when we write too fast for our human and financial resources, we sacrifice optimization. We write with our heads in the handlebars and we do not necessarily pay attention to the optimization necessary for the good referencing of our content and the generation of leads. The articles that work best with us are clearly the articles that rank well on Google. These are the blog posts in which we have taken care to exploit the right keywords, in addition to providing the added value that we have seen previously.

Rather than writing too much, set aside time to analyze your Digital Marketing actions and optimize your content. You will see, the return on investment will be even better. Be careful though, a Digital Marketing strategy requires a minimum of content! How much will you tell me? There is no easy answer: it all depends on your resources, your market, and the competition you face. It is essential to integrate these points into your Digital Marketing strategy. However, from experience, I notice that there are minimums. To attract more visitors and generate more leads on your website, it is important to write a minimum of 2 blog posts per persona.

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