Do you invest a lot of time and money in your Digital Marketing strategy but the return on investment is not there? You are not the only ones! Why is your Indian Email List on the Internet? Here are the 4 most likely reasons. We often talk about the rapidity of the evolution of the Internet. Those who have followed its use in the corporate world since the early 90s are unanimous: Only light travels faster than the Internet. In order to decode the trends and especially the tools to use to carry out an effective digital marketing strategy, it is essential that your digital marketing team allocate time to the day before.

This watch can take several forms: participation in specialized trade fairs (for example E-Marketing Paris ). Attending webinars, reading blogs dealing with digital marketing. Or even meeting Inbound Marketing agencies that deal with the subject. Operational actions fill the days well. But it is essential to take the time to lift your head from the handlebars to understand and adopt the novelties of digital marketing. The years go by and the marketing department is called upon more and more for a set of actions broader and broader. In addition to managing brochures for salespeople. Organizing trade fairs for the coming quarter, finding new partners and service providers, digital marketing actions add to an already extensive list of tasks.

Your digital marketing team is not monitoring

The problem is that doing more without having more resources is a real problem. The fact that your team has to multiply the actions does not allow your digital marketing actions to have the expected level of quality. To sum up, the lack of resources causes a lack of efficiency in your digital marketing team and the actions it takes on the web. Recruiting an additional resource within your digital marketing team is a solution to consider. Subcontracting with a specialized digital marketing agency is another. Your digital marketing team is not sufficiently trained. It is not enough to add “digital” to the title of your marketing team for the magic to operate.


Your team cannot become a digital expert without going through the training box. There is a very large number of actions that can be taken to ensure that your business can achieve an interesting level of performance on the web. Unfortunately, without strong internal expertise and without structuring your digital marketing actions, you cannot expect a real return on investment. The training allows you to bring new knowledge to your digital marketing team, supplement certain skills already present internally, and of course to pave the way for new online practices. For example, we offer digital marketing training covering the entire journey of a customer from his visit to your website, through his conversion into leads.

Your digital marketing team lacks resources

And then into a customer until he becomes an ambassador for your brand. The icing on the cake: our digital marketing training is DataDock certified and can be funded by an OPCA! Discover our DataDock Certified Digital Marketing Training! Your website is a burden. Even with all the best will in the world, there are battles that cannot be won. This is the case when your digital marketing team finds itself stuck by a website. On which it is difficult or even impossible to intervene. The top 3 reasons that frustrate your digital marketing teams with regard to your website. Our website is managed by the subsidiary, nothing can be done about it.

You will understand: lead management is not simply the mission of the sales department or the marketing department alone. Here are the 7 steps to an effective lead handling process: Marketing generates leads on the Internet. Marketing qualifies these leads and brings them to maturity. Marketing transmits qualified and mature leads to salespeople. The business analyzes the context of the leads transmitted; Business contacts lead to convert them; The business provides marketing feedback for each of the leads transmitted; Marketing optimizes its strategy based on these returns; Effective lead management. Therefore, requires a few organizational actions between marketing and sales but also, and above all, to ask good questions. You will find some good questions on the subject here.

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