In addition to carrying out actions to evangelize your team, recruit a minimum Bac +3 profile. This is often the case in the SMEs that I meet. SMEs can only invest in a single Digital Marketing recruitment Armenia Email List profile, Bac +2, and without real experience. Yes, it costs less. If you do not have the budget to recruit a sufficiently qualified and experienced profile, I recommend that you get support or outsource. For that, we can help you as we help many of our customers. In terms of specialties, obviously opt for a marketing diploma or, ideally, a Marketing & Commercial diploma. Ex: Master in Commerce & Sales.

Marketing option) which will be interesting to ensure Marketing and Sales Alignment. Digital Marketing Recruitment: The Experience. Here, we will be brief. Beyond experience in your sector of activity, favor profiles with experience in different structures. Why? Because Digital Marketing goes fast and it is important to know how to adapt. Because Digital Marketing requires knowing how to carry out numerous experiments. A Digital Marketing strategy varies from company to company. Even within the same industry. Rather than limiting your Digital Marketing recruitment to profiles that have evolved in the same industry as your company, pay attention to profiles highlighting their results. And this is also valid for young graduates.

Digital Marketing Recruitment

Every week, I receive applications from young graduates supposedly passionate about Digital Marketing. When I ask them to tell me about their experience, they tell me they don’t. What may be valid for other professions is not for Digital Marketing. The advantage of Digital Marketing is that you can have your own experience… On the Internet. Create a website, an account on social networks, test things… All of this is just a click away. So when a young graduate tells me he’s passionate about Digital Marketing but hasn’t done anything to build his experience, I don’t believe him. You can recruit a junior, young graduate Digital Marketing profile. But with his experience.


I prefer to recruit a Bac +2 who has tried things by himself than a Bac +5 who was content only to follow his training theoretically. Digital Marketing Recruitment: the Personality. At the beginning of the article, I told you that it was important for you to recruit someone who suited your corporate culture. It’s essential. Digital Marketing allows you to convey your values, so your recruit must share them. Next to that, you also need to recruit a Digital Marketing profile that matches your managerial style. Very often, in SMEs, the Digital Marketing resource depends directly on the Managing Director. As a CEO, you don’t always have in-depth knowledge of Marketing and Digital Marketing.

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I have seen it in my life as an employee and every week with my clients. In this case, I recommend that you recruit an autonomous person, who shows initiative and who knows how to be a teacher. The Job Description. You now have all the information to write your job description. The job description is essential for recruiting, whether from a Job Board, via co-optation, or a recruitment firm. The job description is also essential to properly frame your collaboration, especially in the context of a breach of contract. So how do you write your job description? Your job description must present your corporate culture, missions, and working conditions.

It must also reflect your strategy well if you want to attract the best talent. Your job description for a Digital Marketing recruitment must include the following points: The clear title of the Digital Marketing position to be filled; The Digital Marketing missions to be carried out; The objectives and expected results; Work conditions. And I would even add the context of your Digital Marketing recruitment. Is it a replacement? A job creation? Is it to target a new market? Ensure growth? Write a digital marketing job description. All these elements will allow candidates to contextualize their application. You will therefore receive applications of greater quality and adapted to your needs.

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