Please note, your collaborators are not editors. They have other assignments and will have varying amounts of time to Pakistan WhatsApp Number List business blog. So don’t be too demanding and deal with their availability.

Also, don’t forget to thank them or even reward them. You can set up monthly, quarterly or annual challenges on the most read or most shared article. It’s up to you to show imagination and organize challenges in line with the personal investment of employees and your objectives.

Given the importance of this challenge for traffic acquisition and lead generation, we still recommend that you entrust the writing to profiles who know how to write for the web and who will have enough time to do it correctly.

Who says writing says editorial line! It must above all be in line with the expectations and needs of your target (do you remember the purchasing journey we talked about above?). It should also be built around your goals.

By taking all these elements into account, you will be able to determine precisely the type of content to offer on your business blog to hit the mark.

As a reminder, content has different vocations: learn, cultivate, entertain and inform. This of course depends on your target and your objectives.

In addition, you must also determine the frequency with which you will publish on your corporate blog as well as the times to publish your articles in order to optimize reading and sharing.

The design of your corporate blog must be in line with your graphic charter and close to your institutional site with visual reminders – without being a pale copy – so as not to create confusion among Internet users and to remind you of good memories. former visitors.

Take Care Of The Design Of Your Blog

Of course, the design of your blog must be responsive, that is to say suitable for reading on smartphones and tablets. Don’t forget to make sharing widgets available to your readers on the main social networks. Without them, you will be depriving yourself of a meaningful audience.

To develop and retain your audience, you will also need to offer subscription to your newsletter and subscription to your RSS feed. Then, you will have to think of your content as a product in its own right and therefore put in place a relevant promotion strategy. For that, you will have to answer this key question: which social media to use?

The answer to this question is directly related to your goals and your target. Having answered the previous questions, this step will therefore be done naturally.


To go further: How to create an effective blog?
Corporate blog: what not to do!
You only offer advertising content
Create a blog to post articles showing that your products or services are the best, don’t even think about it!

To promote your products and services, you have your website. Advertising content has no place on a corporate blog. At least not directly.

Experts agree that in a relevant content strategy, commercial content is no more than 20% of posts. One of the interests of the business blog and inbound marketing in general is to attract new prospects. These prospects don’t know you basic, so they don’t land on your blog to read advertisements about your products.

If they come, it is to consult content that meets their expectations, their desires and their needs. Remember, the content should inform, learn, cultivate or entertain!

Have A Strategy To Promote Your Content

You only post articles occasionally. Just posting one post every 36th of the month isn’t enough to reap profits from your business blog. You must publish regularly to attract and especially retain your readers.

This is the whole point of carefully analyzing the resources at your disposal before creating your business blog. During this reflection, you will determine a frequency of publication corresponding to your possibilities. It is not always easy, but you will have to stick to it, even in the event of the unforeseen …

You publish content that is too short … Or too long!
The size of content has a real impact on its reading rate . It is essential to vary the length of your texts.

Internet users, by their uses but also the device from which they consume your content (computer, smartphone or tablet), do not always look for the same thing.

From a smartphone, the Internet user will often favor short content, micro-content, to be consumed between two metro stations. An Internet user behind their computer keyboard will be more inclined to consume in-depth articles. To not deprive yourself of any of these audiences, it is therefore important to vary the size of your content and thus meet all expectations.

You are only writing for Google
This is one of the most common mistakes. It is easy to fall into excess when looking to optimize your natural referencing , that is to say the positioning of your site in search engines.We are aiming for the first page, or even the first 3 places, so we do everything to please Google.

Remember, it’s not just Google that reads your content. It is vital to put the reader at the center of your writing! You must keep in mind that you create content above all to meet the needs and expectations of your target.

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