Remember, great content should inform, educate, solve, or entertain. Quality content is a gift, the Content France WhatsApp Number List who does not take time off!

In order to present the history of the Carrera range, Tag Heuer and 909c produced a quality 360 ° film and created for the occasion a tailor-made virtual reality headset transcribing the motorsport character of the brand.

The result is stunning: in a few minutes, the user is embarked on an exceptional brand experience providing strong emotions for unforgettable sensations. What could be better than emotion to convey the values ​​of a brand?

Virtual reality to make your customers dream
To decide to buy, the consumer needs to think ahead. He puts himself in a situation, visualizes the benefits of your products and services. With virtual reality, you allow your customers to fully realize the value of your offers.

Ikea has thus developed a virtual reality application allowing its customers to design and visualize the kitchen of their dreams. Virtual reality has a double advantage here: it encourages sales and also allows the brand to collect valuable information on its customers’ expectations in a fun way.

Another example in tourism with British Airways. Thanks to an installation in the big cities of Europe , British Airways offers its customers a virtual reality experience allowing them to visit different countries in a few minutes and of course, thus making them want to travel!

Definition Of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality to entertain your customers
Virtual reality is intriguing. Your customers have heard more or less about it, but it’s difficult to fully understand the concept without having tested it. Many brands are thus taking advantage of their packaging to allow their customers to experience virtual reality.

Coca-Cola and McDonald’s allow their customers to create their own virtual reality headset from their packaging. To complete the experience, McDonald’s has developed a game where children put themselves in the shoes of a skier hurtling down the slopes.


Virtual reality to discover your backstage
To optimize the impact of your communication strategy, it is important that you establish a close relationship with your community . To do this, you can introduce him to your company, your teams, your manufacturing processes … in short, take him behind the scenes.

In this approach, virtual reality offers you the opportunity to offer a unique experience to your customers and partners in order to allow them to immerse themselves directly in your premises.

What Uses For Brands

During the LA AUTO SHOW, Chrysler allowed visitors to discover its manufacturing process via the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. For its part, EDF also allows you to visit 12 of its sites thanks to a unique virtual reality experience.

Virtual reality to boost your content marketing
Content Marketing today holds a predominant place in any good digital communication strategy.

The concept is simple: to offer high added value content to attract more customers and develop its brand image. The content can be textual or visual. The relevance of virtual reality in a Content Marketing strategy is therefore obvious. Virtual reality allows you to offer creative, engaging content and set yourself apart from your competition.

Séché Environnement, which specializes in waste treatment, has launched an application to raise public awareness of energy saving. Thanks to this educational virtual reality experience, you will discover in particular the circuits used by biogas and all the fuels derived from waste.

Virtual reality, full of emotions!
Virtual reality represents significant potential for brands. With virtual reality, you give your audience – customers, prospects, partners – unique experiences conducive to emotion. And emotion is the key to a successful communication strategy!

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