However, today the modern buyer expects his interlocutor to guide him throughout his purchasing journey. The logic of Western Sahara Email List and in the emails you send to your prospects. If right now, no one is responding to your prospecting emails, it’s because they are trying too hard to sell and are not delivering enough value to your prospects. To make your sales prospecting email stand out, you must keep in mind that your email is generally not expected by your recipient. Like a good sales pitch for an appointment, your prospecting email should make you want to be read. Start by writing a “subject line” that catches your prospect’s attention.

We forget, of course, the terms “FREE” “PROMOTION” which will send your e-mail directly to the SPAMS. Once opened by your prospect, your commercial prospecting email must be scannable. You can make your E-mail easier to read by using bold words. This speeds up reading and allows your prospect to learn important information in a short time. Want to Write the Perfect Business. Development Email? Download our Free Guide: 5 steps to create effective B2B email marketing. Conclusion. E-mail is essential for your commercial prospecting. However, to take full advantage of it and get a response from your prospects, it is essential to follow these best practices. Your commercial prospecting email must be sent with the recipient’s consent.

Your commercial prospecting email is not optimized

It doesn’t seem like that, but believe me, it’s essential to ensure the well-being of your employees. I see it every week with my clients, where I see that employee engagement is much stronger after their digitalization. Reason And we’re coming back to that right now. The marketing and commercial digitalization of your company is essential to recruiting new talents. It is also essential to retain them. Good marketers and good salespeople will never join a company with an old-fashioned marketing and sales strategy. Marketers need certain tools and to have a specific, measurable and strategic role. Salespeople understood that cold prospecting was inefficient and uncomfortable. Recruiting the best talent inevitably goes through the digitalization of your company.


Without it, it will end up in the trash at best and at worst you will be considered a SPAM sender. Your sales prospecting email must bring value to your prospects. It must not sell, it must answer in a relevant way the questions that your prospects ask themselves throughout their buying journey. Finally, your commercial prospecting e-mail must be optimized to promote rapid reading and understanding. The modern buyer is demanding and in a hurry. You must integrate it to be successful with your commercial prospecting e-mail. Comfort at work being a predominant criterion in career choices, digitization is also vital to retain your best talents. Would you like us to talk about your digitalization?

Favor short sentences and action verbs

You may have the best strategy in the world and invest crazy sums in the best tools, if your people don’t buy into it, it will never work. How many companies have invested a colossal amount in a CRM that no one uses? To succeed in the marketing and commercial digitalization of your company, you must encourage and involve your employees. Digitization will change their daily lives. They will have to mourn it. Digitalization of companies and the mourning curve. It is up to you to support them in this real mourning curve via an adapted training plan and regular reporting points focused on indicators of success. Recruiting new employees to strengthen your marketing team or sales department may also be necessary.

Training, reporting, support for change: these 3 points are essential for your digital marketing team to be efficient. We support you in your Marketing and Sales Digitalization, let’s talk about it: The denial phase. It’s great your thing, but it’s not for me! I understand the threats linked to digital, but with us, we are not impacted. Your CRM is pretty, but I don’t have time to use it, I keep my Excel file for monitoring my prospects! These remarks, I often meet them with my prospects. These companies are aware of the threats they face but refuse to face reality. This is the first phase through which a company and its employees go through digitization.

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