That you are doing everything you can to help them solve their problems, whether they sign with you or not. I remember a Christmas Island Email List the agency was created. I was looking for an accountant and this entrepreneur told me. That to choose him, I had to check if he was ready to give me valuable advice. Without being sure that I would be his client. This has never been truer in B2B. The buyer needs to be reassured about your intentions. Besides that, the buyer is so in demand that he is much more demanding. 75% of B2B decision-makers say they choose their service providers based. On the added value of the content, they offer them during the purchase journey.

And can contact him at the best time. Marketing Generates Leads, Salespeople Convert. The modern B2B buyer imposes it on you: Marketing must ultimately generate leads and feed their thinking on the Internet, the salesperson must devote himself to converting the most qualified and mature leads. The salesperson thus saves precious time that he can invest in the personalization and contextualization of his customer approach. The salesperson doesn’t sell, they take the time to help their prospects and show them that they are the best person to help them achieve their goals. And contextualized emails encouraging them to consult content answering the questions they ask themselves and the problems they encounter according to their position in the purchasing journey.

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You still have to have the right Marketing strategy. Your Marketing department does not have a specific budget. Not having a set budget is one of the biggest reasons your Marketing department is low on morale. Lately, I was talking to the Marketing Manager of one of our clients. He explained to me that he did not have a Marketing budget and that it was up to him to ask his GM for an envelope when he had the idea to take an action. Here, two situations: either he accepts, or he refuses. There is nothing more frustrating for your B2B Marketing department. To be effective, Marketing requires a planned and spread-out strategy over time.


Without a budget, the Marketing department works in spurts and the results are not automatically delivered. Your Marketing department is not involved in the decision-making process. This is a very frustrating thing for the Marketing department since it shows very clearly that Marketing is only a secondary subject for your business. Since it must play a leading role in your sales prospecting strategy and therefore your development, it is crucial that the Marketing department participates in strategic thinking. Often, these meetings require the presence of members of management and salespeople. Together, they make decisions that will directly impact the daily life of the Marketing department. Why exclude them from the debates?

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Here, I strongly recommend that you organize regular Smarketing Meetings. Your Marketing Department is Overwhelmed. Another point that can affect the morale and motivation of your Marketing department: overwork. Internet, social networks, and new technologies have revolutionized Marketing practices. Often, I see that the B2B Marketing department has been assigned the Digital Marketing actions in addition to its more traditional daily life. However, the duration of a working day has not doubled! To allow your Marketing to gain in productivity, it is important to study all the solutions that can allow you to automate tasks with lower added value. On the other hand, you should also understand that your visitors are not ready to leave you the same level of information from one content offering to another.

The more basic your content, the less willing your visitors will be to leave information with you. The more your content is pushed and the more your visitors are advanced in the purchase journey, the more you will be able to. As you can imagine from the B2B buying journey illustration above, these questions vary depending on where your target is. A decision-maker does not ask the same questions in the Awareness phase as in the Consideration or Decision phase. This reflection should be taken into account in your content strategy. And to do it effectively, you need to know your target inside out. Before writing a blog post, you need to work on your Personas.

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