Customer stories allow you to harness the cognitive bias of social proof . The idea is to convince the Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List like theirs have trusted you and are very satisfied. Customer testimonials are essential to develop your business today. At home, we love to use the podcast format to publish them:

CRM is software that allows you to identify your customers and prospects. It also allows you to qualify them according to their interest in your products, their needs or their level of thought in their purchasing decision.

Thus, CRM allows you to communicate in an ultra-personalized way and optimize your impact. Developing your business without CRM nowadays seems like an impossible task.

Send Emails. Email Marketing is still recognized as the most effective lever by marketers. According to some studies, € 1 spent on an Emailing strategy earns you on average more than € 44! Now it is important not to do just anything.

If you are going to invest in contact databases and bombard them with email to generate business, you will be wasting your time. And your money.

Convert Your Leads Into Customers

Set up a Marketing Automation strategy. Marketing Automation consists in automating its marketing actions according to different criteria. Marketing Automation allows you to be regular in your actions and not miss a sales opportunity.

Better still, marketing automation allows you to grow your business, even when you are not behind your computer. Each summer, SLN L’Agence closes its doors. However, the activity does not stop.

Thanks to our marketing automation strategy, we continue to generate leads. We feed their purchase thinking through automatic emails and we generate appointments for the start of the school year.


61% of buyers say they are more convinced by a business that creates content. From the video presentation to the product sheet through the blog article, you will facilitate the decision-making of your prospects by offering them relevant content.

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The different content formats to develop your business on the Internet
Track your actions with Google Analytics
Acting is good, following your actions is even better!

How To Operate A CRM?

With Google Analytics, you have the possibility of monitoring the impact of your marketing actions in real time. You can instantly make changes to your strategy to improve your ROI (return on investment).

Retain customers
At this point, you realize how much effort you had to put into getting new customers. It would be a shame if they were already going to the competition, don’t you think?

When we know that retaining a customer costs 5 times less than gaining a new one, we say to ourselves that developing your business necessarily involves customer loyalty .

Offer quality after-sales service
65% of consumers say they leave the competition because of a bad experience with customer service. With the internet and social networks, you have the opportunity to set up and manage an efficient after-sales service.

Create communities on social networks
Your customers are your best ambassadors. By creating communities on social networks, you will encourage your customers to share their satisfaction but also benefit from proximity allowing you to retain them. Indeed, 53% of people who follow a brand on social networks are loyal to it!

Reward loyal customers
It costs 5 times more to gain a new customer than to retain one. It is therefore essential to put all the chances on your side to retain your customers.

For this, you must imperatively reward the loyalty of your customers. Communicate in a personalized way. The personalization of your messages will allow you to increase the engagement of your customers.

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