People are sensitive to scarcity. ‘One more available, be quick!’ Or ‘Gone = gone!’. We all know the terms. And it works. Also in your vacancy texts. Therefore, always add a closing date. This way you convince doubters to apply. After all, they miss out if they don’t respond to your vacancy in time.

In practice, it appears that adding a closing date to vacancy texts ensures that qualitatively better candidates respond to your vacancy at the end of the application period.

Mere exposure effect

Known makes loved. And that is exactly what then be used for. With this effect you ensure the power of repetition, and repetition ensures a positive mindset. We all know it: that holiday destination or those beautiful new shoes. Once you’ve watched them, they’ll pop up more often in your timeline at other times. At a certain (weak) moment in your brain you still make the choice from time to time to book that holiday or order those shoes.

Recognition creates trust and trust creates conversion. The more often you see something passing by, the greater the chance that you will do something with it. Known really makes loved. So make sure you have a good vacancy text and also good recruitment campaigns for that vacancy. By passing by your ideal candidate more often, you increase the chance that they will apply for you!

Get started with writing job descriptions for the brain!

You now have all the tips and Australia Physiotherapist Email Lists tricks to make your ideal candidate your applicant with your vacancy texts. I’m curious: have you already applied these influenci

Australia Physiotherapist Email Lists

I’m sure you’ve dreamed of writing a book. And preferably a bestseller of course. What does all this involve? And how do you ensure that you also earn money from it?

Chand Hanneke de Wit tell in their latest book ‘Het Bestsellerboek’ what it takes to write a bestseller. To be clear, they don’t tell you how to write a book, but what you can do to make your book a bestseller.

What is a best seller?

In practice, a book is called a bestseller if it sells a lot or if it ranks high in the rankings. Which is a lot, we don’t agree on that yet. Whether the book is successful depends on its goal. Do you want as many people as possible to buy your book so that it ranks high in the lists? Or do you want people to actually read your book and then do something with it, so that it brings you more exposure or new customers?

Whether your book becomes a bestseller therefore

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