Thanks to your solid vision. It is indeed difficult at this stage to guarantee them the wealth! The choice of partners is a Somalia Email List of your start-up. The key is to surround yourself with skills and traits that complement your own. At this stage, your start-up is financed by your own funds. Ideation, the starting point for the growth of a start-up. The challenges to be taken up to generate growth in this phase: Consolidate your vision (ex: Being at home everywhere else for Airbnb); Find the right partners; The creation, the birth of your start-up. The creation stage is first of all the formalization of your start-up. Your start-up is now a real business.

The stage of creation is also that of the famous MVP: the Minimum Viable Product. The idea here is to work on a prototype of your offer to test it as quickly as possible on the market. This is your beta version. You are convinced that your idea is exceptional. Now is the time to confront your certainties with the opinions of your customers. At the time of creation, you finance your start-up with funds from your relatives. The famous Love Money ! The challenges of creating a start-up. The challenges to be taken up to generate growth in this phase: Create your MVP and test it; Define a customer acquisition strategy; Work on your Marketing Personas.

Define your business model

Recruit the necessary technical skills; Are you interested in the growth phases of a start-up? You will like the series of Podcasts with Hipli: Seeding, your start-up to the test of the market. The 3 rd stage, the seed stage, sounds the start of your race for growth! From now on, you must do your utmost to generate traction. In other words, do everything to attract customers outside your close network. 2 points are essential here: to succeed in the seed phase of your start-up, you must have an adapted marketing strategy and constantly evolve your product according to market feedback. It is during this priming phase that you may have to pivot.


You had a precise idea of ​​your offer and its value proposition, but the test of the market sweeps away all your certainties. This is the stage of the Product Market FIT . Finally, in order to generate more growth for your start-up, you must now recruit key management profiles to manage your technical department, your sales department and your marketing department. At this stage, you finance the development of your start-up thanks to a first funding round. It is the raising of funds in Seed, the amounts of which are generally between 500K € and 1 million euros. The challenges to be met to generate traction – startup. The challenges to be taken.

Define the positioning of your offer

Develop the functionalities of your offer; Swing. Accelerate your customer acquisition strategy; Define a customer loyalty strategy; Launch your first Marketing campaigns; Define and monitor the right performance indicators – KPIs. Recruit management profiles; CTA White Paper – B2B Inbound Marketing Guide for Innovative Companies. Scaling, your growing start-up. This is where it gets really interesting! At this point, you were able to validate that your offer corresponded to a need. Now, the time has come to industrialize your user acquisition strategy. It is during Scaling that the sustainability (quite relative of course) of your start-up is played out. You are doing everything you can to accelerate your growth. This inevitably requires the implementation of an innovative marketing and sales strategy.

Your start-up is growing at the speed of light. It is therefore essential to recruit and equip yourself with the right SaaS tools to cope with the increase in load. Management is also a major issue at the time of Scaling. The majority of your employees were not there when you created your start-up and you need to make sure that they understand and carry your vision. At this stage, you finance the growth of your start-up through the second round of funding: the Series A fundraising, the amounts of which vary on average from 1 to 5 million euros. The pressure from investors is enormous and you must quickly demonstrate to them the performance of your marketing and sales actions.

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