By coupling your Lead Nurturing to Lead Scoring, you will succeed in converting your prospects into customers. But what is Lead Scoring ? Lead Scoring Sweden Phone Number List the maturity of your prospects according to their profile and their behavior towards your communications. With Lead Nurturing and Lead Scoring, you have two innovative marketing actions, essential to attract customers to you. Retain your new customers. As you know, it is much more expensive to gain a new customer than to retain them. Unfortunately, very often caught up in your daily life, you cannot put in place an effective customer loyalty strategy . But that was before knowing Inbound Marketing!

Structuring this kind of approach allows you to: Ensure a good understanding of your prospect’s background. In order not to miss a sale, you must not miss any details. ensure qualitative feedback to your prospect. You will be able to structure your discussions more easily and show your prospect that you have understood their context. to position your offer more effectively according to the objectives identified. If the challenges and objectives are vague, poorly determined or even uncertain, the telephone relationship phase has intervened a little too early. This call is not in vain since it gives you the opportunity to learn more about your prospect’s background. You will be able to determine with him the relevant information.

Define Precisely What A Qualified Prospect Is

That you can transmit to him to facilitate his reflection in his purchasing process. All your information research work during the previous phases will serve you during this final stage of digital prospecting. Now is the time to reap the rewards of your efforts! After identifying your prospect, getting in touch with him and going into detail in the analysis of his need, you are now ready to conclude. Unlike a meeting to present your company obtained by hard commercial prospecting, thanks to digital prospecting, you know exactly the type of content that will interest your interlocutor. The plan you come up with should bridge the gap between where your prospects are now and where they want to be.


Obtain confirmation of the allocated budget, the decision-making process and the planned purchase or deployment schedule. Get the “Yes”. To allow salespeople to convert your leads into customers, you must carry out marketing actions that will allow you to qualify your prospects by fueling their buying thinking and passing them on to sales when they reach maturity. To do this, it is important to align yourself with sales to: From then on, you will put in place an optimal strategy allowing you to send sales representatives qualified leads that they will convert much more often. There, the sales people will love you and you will pay them back very well! In other words.

Does Your Client Have A Problem?

Using the same mechanics as Lead Nurturing and Lead Scoring, you can define an alert system allowing you to be informed of the level of satisfaction of your customers. You can then send them regular quality content to improve their customer experience. How to take concrete action? I am aware that at this point you are convinced that inbound is the best marketing strategy to attract customers to you but that you do not have enough elements to take effective action. So, to help you experience it, I suggest you download this Inbound Marketing workbook: Your speech is well done. You know how to take advantage of each “yes” from your interlocutor to position the advantages of your innovative product.

There is no doubt that on this prospecting call, your interlocutor will necessarily accept your meeting request. Well done ! This is in the best of all possible worlds. In the field, buyer’s behavior has changed, having a major impact on the effectiveness of traditional prospecting levers. The buyer now prefers to do his thinking alone and does not accept contacting a sales representative unless he is sufficiently advanced in his purchasing process. Why then continue to prospect the old fashioned way? Especially when your positioning is to be innovative! Here are 3 reasons to modernize your commercial prospecting. Performance indicators are sometimes misleading. The noise that a salesperson hanging on the phone can make all day too.

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