The Internet and social networks have profoundly changed the expectations and behavior of your consumers. The Dominican Republic Phone Numbers List sharing of feedback require you to review your customer relationship and your prospecting methods. So who is this new modern buyer?

Let’s start by looking back a few years and take a look at what the world was like without the Internet and social media. At the time, the information was in your hands and the consumer could only read it through your communications.

The buying process of your future customer began immediately as soon as he became aware of his need. So he picked up his phone or took advantage of one of your prospecting actions to ask you for help.

Today, due to the volume of information available on the Internet, the modern buyer no longer depends on you as a seller because they can access all the information they need to make their purchasing decision with just a few clicks. . The modern buyer is therefore everywhere, behind his screen, his tablet or even his smartphone. The stake for you is to catch its attention… and to retain it!

The Modern Buyer Is Very Knowledgeable

About your business and products

When the modern shopper needs a product or service, they can easily find the answers to all of their questions online. It can research your competitors and easily compare information on your rates, access your customers’ comments and opinions. He can go even further by identifying and interacting with other buyers in a search for feedback.


The modern buyer has everything at their disposal to make their buying decision without ever contacting the business or talking to a seller. Beyond this new practice, keep this statistic in mind: 57% of B2B buyers begin their purchasing process without having spoken to the company with which they will be doing business.

Because the way the modern buyer inquires about and identifies their suppliers has changed, your sales process must adapt to this change. You need to move from the era of aggressive and intrusive telephone prospecting to a proactive approach based on inbound marketing concepts.

Analyzing And Disseminating Advice And Recommendations

The modern shopper has already seen your business on your website. He expects something more from you than a simple dictation of information that he already knows. He needs help and to validate that you are the right provider to allow him to solve his problems and achieve his goals.

By doing this, you will have the opportunity to see whether or not you are well positioned in the search results and therefore to determine the actions to be implemented in order for your industry to take first place on Google. But that’s not what interests us here.

how industry can communicate on the internet

By searching for yourself on Google, you will be able to find ideas for content to create for your industry by relying on the associated searches at the bottom of the first page of results. In addition, by entering your searches, Google will automatically suggest that you complete them as above. These proposals will be as many ideas for your web communication.

Download your free white paper and make full use of social networks for the communication of your Industry!

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