For those of you who don’t have the luxury of a name synonymous with your product offering. You’ll have to be more careful. Always be cognizant of the limited space you have on mobile to educate and elicit a reaction from your audience. . Make it location specific if Shandong Phone Number you can optimize your website based on a specific location. Do it. Mobile users looking for local results will be more likely to go straight to google’s local business map at the top of their results if it means one less website they have to click through. (and it’s also a great way to get around that first-page-ranking conundrum.) 

To do this. Be sure to list your site with google my business and add a map to your site. . Put google on speed dial google’s mobile-friendly test. That is. If you’re going to trust anyone’s opinion on your website’s mobile-friendliness. Google is it. Run your site through this tool regularly and be sure to keep up with their standards. . Don’t depend on responsive don’t get Shandong Phone Number me wrong. Responsive design is a must. But just because your website shifts and resizes and works with your visitors’ chosen device. That doesn’t mean your site is optimized for mobile. Think about the small amount of real estate you have to work with. Large images on your site may be unnecessary or too cumbersome for mobile viewing. 

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Your content may be too wordy and get in the way of letting visitors find the information that matters most to them. If you’re working with a truly responsive website theme. You should be able to designate which elements of your site can be viewed based on user device. Here’s an example of how elegant themes’ builder handles this: . Make everything easier in Shandong phone number general. If you want mobile users to give your site a warm reception. And google to in turn reward you for it. You’ve got to make everything easier and shorter. Mobile users want to spend less time hunting around for information and expect instant feedback. 

Shandong Phone Number

You can help by: including an omnipresent search bar removing multiple levels in the site navigation putting links to the most popular information front and center (e.G. Phone number. Hours of operation. Etc.) making forms shorter whatever elements of your  Shandong Phone Number site are the most important to visitors – and you should be able to tell this from analytics – is what you will need to streamline. Shorten. Andor prioritize on mobile. . Focus on touch mobile users don’t have the convenience of a mouse pad or big keyboard to navigate their way around your site. 

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Focus on how you can improve the touch experience for them. Bigger buttons. Shorter forms. Click to call (or email). And so on. . Optimize for speed page speed plays a very important role in google’s search algorithms – both for desktop and mobile. Realistically. Shandong Phone Number A mobile site that takes longer than a few seconds to load isn’t going to be well-received. So be sure to pay attention to the suggestions you receive from google’s mobile-friendly test (which is merging with its pagespeed insights tool). .

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