Innovating is great, but it requires you to redouble your efforts to attract a buyer who is naturally unfamiliar with your new offer. In order to Gibraltar Email List the Internet is essential. Here are 8 reasons that will convince you. Who says innovative company says immature market. Who says immature market says problematic to attract the attention of a buyer who often does not suspect the existence of an innovative offer like yours. At best, it does not understand all of its uses and added value. In this situation, it is crucial to create content on your website that addresses the issues of the buyer and the questions they ask themselves throughout their thinking.

This objective content will allow you to attract buyers to your site and then direct them to your innovative offer. Create Web Content to Generate Qualified Leads. The buyer conducts the majority of their buying thinking on their own, mainly on the Internet. Create content with inbound B2B marketing to generate leads. As proof, 66% of B2B buyers say they have already chosen their solution before meeting a salesperson according to the Companeo B2B Lead Barometer illustrated here by LK Conseil. In short, it’s important that you review the way you prospect: marketing must generate leads and salespeople must convert. To generate leads, you need to create premium content offers in order to collect.

Create Web Content To Improve Your SEO

The contact details of your visitors and measure their level of qualification. Do you want to generate more qualified leads? Here are 5 steps to follow to do so while creating web content! Create Web Content to Help Your Sales Reps Convert. The buyer is clear: he does not expect a salesperson to sell him his offer. He wants the salesperson to guide him in his buying thinking. If you regularly create content, your sales reps will be able to use it to feed their prospects’ buying thinking. Among our clients, we notice that content creation allows leads to mature more quickly and therefore significantly shortens the duration of the sales cycle, which is a crucial issue for an innovative company like yours.


To generate leads and gain new customers, it is essential to be visible in search engines. Your ranking on Google depends directly on the volume of content published on your website and its quality. The more content you create optimized for the web, the more likely you will be to rank on the first page on Google. Create Content to Animate Your Social Networks Communicating on social networks is no easy task. You have to be regular in your publications, publish several times a week and without interruption. Creating content will allow you to efficiently feed your social networks and ultimately attract new visitors to your website. Create Content to Position Yourself as the Best Option.

Create Web Content To Get Buyer’s Attention

As we have seen, the buyer leads the majority of their buying thinking on their own and often makes their decision well before speaking to a sales representative. The buyer identifies the solutions available to him and compares them to choose the one that seems to him to be the best option. The best option for the buyer is an adapted offer but also a service provider who does everything possible to solve his problems and help him achieve his objectives. A good provider is an expert, caring, and altruistic provider. Content creation will allow you to position yourself as such! Create Content to Turn Your Customers into Ambassadors. As an innovative company, you not only have to be adept at grabbing the buyer’s attention.

But you also have to take on another big challenge: convincing the buyer that your new solution is relevant. The buyer is cautious and often does not like being the first to choose an innovative offer. The buyer needs to see that your offer is already proven, if possible in a company like his. Here you can create customer stories or case study content that will reassure the buyer. Create Content to Save Money. Last reason and not least important: creating content is less expensive than all the other marketing and sales prospecting levers. A lead generated with content creation costs on average 61% less than a lead generated via a traditional prospecting lever!

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