Creating content has become essential to be visible on the Internet and attract new customers. The content Bulgaria Mobile Phone Numbers List on Google. Feed your social networks and attract the attention of your target by addressing their issues. How to create effective content? Here are all our tips and tricks! To gain new customers with the Internet and social networks. It is important to define and implement a 4-step strategy: 1) attract visitors to your website, 2) you turn them into prospects, 3) you convert into customers and 4) retain them. How to prospect on social networks. To find out more: 4 steps to attract more customers with the Internet and Social Networks.

To get more visitors to your website and then move from one stage to the next, you need to create quality content. How to do ? Here are 18 tips and tricks to put into practice right now! 18 tips and tricks for creating great web content. The first thing to do to create content that attracts customers is to very precisely define your objectives in terms of customers. Therefore, but also prospects and visitors. Concretely, it is in fact a question of determining the number of prospects necessary to reach the volume of new targeted customers. Therefore, depending on the conversion rate you already have on your website. You will be able to determine the number of visitors necessary to acquire this volume of prospects.

Work On Your Personas

You can then have a more precise idea of ​​the job to be done to achieve your goals and the actions to be taken. You will also be able to identify performance indicators to monitor to regularly check that the content you create is effective. To create quality web content that attracts customers, it is important to know the expectations. Interests and issues facing your target. In addition, it is also essential to identify how your target is informed and what format of content they prefer. In this process, you must work on your Marketing Personas. If we popularize the concept, the Persona is the typical profile of your ideal client. To go further: identify your Persona Marketing in 6 steps.


Analyzing your competition is an essential point in your content strategy. It allows you to identify the best practices to follow, the bad ones to avoid and to define the themes to be addressed on your website. Analyzing the competition also lets you know how to set yourself apart. Important point: with the Internet and social networks, the purchasing behavior of your consumers has changed. From now on, they prefer to search for information themselves on the Internet rather than having it imposed on them in communications they have not requested. It is essential to fully understand this paradigm shift: your target does not expect you from the promotion, they want you to help them solve the problems they encounter.

Don’t Sell Anymore, Help

To create content that attracts customers, you need to post it at the right frequency – not too much, not too little. If you create content too sporadically, your target will most likely visit your competition. If you are too aggressive in your web content creation, you risk getting your target already overwhelmed by information drunk. Vary the formats. Create content to attract customers – inbound marketing. As you can see in this graph from the Content Marketing study conducted by DemandGen , the buyer consults different content formats before making their purchasing decision: the white paper, the webinar and the case study are the 3 most viewed content. In this same study, we also learn that a buyer consults on average 3 different types of content.

Before making his purchasing decision. So you know what you have to do! Segment your content. The other important point to take into consideration in order to attract new customers. With your content is that the expectations of your target differ according to their progress in their purchasing process. The 4Ps of content marketing – SLN Web. Concretely, a buyer follows 3 stages in his purchasing process: 1) he becomes aware of his problem (Awareness). He evaluates the solutions available to him (Consideration) and he validates his decision (Decision). You understand, of course, that a buyer who only realizes the problem they are encountering will not have the same expectations in terms of content as a buyer who wants to ensure that they are taking the best solution.

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