If your landing page is frustratingly slow to load. Analyze your content. And do whatever it takes to speed it up. To test your website’s mobile and desktop speed. Use google pagespeed Algeria Phone Number List insights. All you need to do is plug in your website url to get a quick rundown of your site speed and ways to improve it. 8. Never present multiple offers presenting multiple offers on a single landing page isn’t best practice. You should have one specific offer for each landing page to keep your prospect focused on one thing at a time. 

A landing page should be focused on a singular selling proposition. With your page’s cta communicating it. Having multiple calls-to-action or usps on your page dilutes your message  Algeria Phone Number List and confuses the audience. Pages with multiple offers receive 266 percent leads less than pages that provide one stand-out offer. So you can see how important this is. 9. Build buyer personas to target your ideal customer with the correct targeting methods using buyer personas. You’ll have a better chance of improving landing page performance. Some tests have shown an increase in conversion rates of up to 300 percent. 

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Try out this handy tool from hubspot to build your first buyer persona. 10. Consider a mobile-first design it has been slowly creeping up on us. But now the mobile tipping point has arrived. Just recently was the first time mobile traffic usage has exceeded desktop traffic usage worldwide. This means Algeria phone number that if you’re not thinking mobile-first. You’re already headed for last place. With research showing that a nice mobile site can double conversions. The sheer power of mobile is undeniable. This should be a wake-up call for all those websites that haven’t adjusted to the mobile trend yet. Just take a look at the graph below: image source: statcounter 11.

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Show validation to increase trustworthiness showing testimonials will help validate the information on your landing page. They allow prospects to overcome their perceived skepticism. Likewise. Showing product or service benefits. Social proof. And credibility indicators led to a 144.1% improvement on landing pages. Social validation with testimonials from north oaks realtor 12. Include a short contact form with minimal required fields Algeria Phone Number List keeping form requirements short and displaying only the essentials is key to boosting conversions. It’s important to respect your user’s time. As they don’t want to sit there filling out a dozen fields. For example. Take a look below at an unbounce contact form. Which only includes name. Email and job title. 

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Image source: marketing land 13. Don’t let your landing pages be an afterthought when developing marketing campaigns. Too often landing pages are just an afterthought. But. The landing page should be created in conjunction with your marketing efforts – especially if you’re conducting an email. Direct mail. Or ppc campaign in which you need to funnel people through a sales process. 14. Use images that add value. Not Algeria Phone Number List detract from it photos shouldn’t be used on landing pages to fill empty space. They are there to add value to the overall user experience. The problem most companies face when building poorly-performing landing pages is that they use generic stock photos. When studies show that visitors mostly ignore generic photos.

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