You can create the best content in the world, if no one sees it, it won’t earn you anything. To attract Burkina Faso Email List Marketing, you absolutely have to promote your content in the right places. In other words, in places frequented by your ideal prospect. Once again, the work of the Personas takes on its full meaning. It can be social networks here – let’s see here how to communicate well on social networks in B2B – Emailing – let’s see here how to do effective Emailing – or even online advertising. Creating effective Funnel Marketing relies on good SEO for your website. You know, the best source of visitors for a website is Google.

In this situation, it is essential to do everything possible to try to be first on Google. There are 5 essential points to have your chances of being first on Google. But that will not be enough. To rank your website well, you need to have a comprehensive SEO strategy. The Guide to Running an Effective Google SEO Strategy. Middle of The Funnel Marketing actions. Create Premium Content Offers. The first floor of your Funnel Marketing draws crowds. Top Now, we have to bring as many as possible to the Middle of the Funnel. How to do it? The challenge here is to convince your visitors to engage with you, to leave you their contact details and key information.

Optimize the SEO of your website

That will allow you to measure their level of qualification and maturity. For that, you must offer them rewards that bring value. You are spoiled for choice here: white papers, webinars, newsletters, demo requests, discussions with an expert … We are talking about the generation of Leads. The Guide to Generating Leads with Your Website. Create conversion tunnels. The success of your Funnel Marketing also depends on the quality of your conversion funnels. A conversion funnel, in lead generation, it’s very simple: it’s a Call-to-Action (call-to-action button) that links to a Landing Page on which we find a form. Once the form is validated, the Lead arrives on a thank you page.


The Guide to Turning Your Website into a Lead Generator. Bottom of The Funnel Marketing actions. Measure the Qualification and Maturity Level of your Leads. Creating an effective Marketing Funnel is creating a Funnel that allows you to transmit qualified and mature Leads (MQL) to your salespeople. More concretely, transmit ideal prospects. Unfortunately, 73% of the Leads you will generate will not be ready to buy. The first challenge of the Bottom of the Funnel phase is to measure the level of qualification and maturity of your Leads. For that, I recommend that you use the Lead Scoring methodology. For qualified and mature leads, you send them to salespeople. You must work on the others as we will see below.

Fuel the buying thinking of your leads

As we have just seen, almost ¾ of the Leads you generate are not ready to buy. For your Funnel Marketing to be effective, you must therefore fuel the purchase thinking of these Leads to bring them to maturity. Aligning marketing and sales: a crucial issue The mistake not to make here is to pass all the leads generated to the sales reps. They will go to the pipe breaker. To mature your Leads, you need to send them high value-added content to move them along the buying journey. Buyer journey: the length of the sales cycle – Inbound Marketing. Concretely, this amounts to sending by e-mail content that answers the questions that your Leads.

Ask themselves depending on whether they are in the Awareness, Consideration, or Decision phase. It is the Lead Scoring that allows you to identify this. Conclusion. To create effective Funnel Marketing, it is essential to adapt it to your core target. Your ideal prospect. Your Persona. Creating a Marketing Funnel comes down to doing everything possible to attract qualified visitors to your website and then convert them into leads and then into customers. At the Top of the Funnel stadium, you attract masses. The volume of contacts affected is smaller in Middle of the Funnel to be very limited in Top of the Funnel. The very principle of the funnel.

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