A marketing and sales strategy perfectly suited to B2B purchasing behavior is a complete strategy. The buyer Kiribati Email Lists channels: a B2B buyer consults between 3 and 5 different content formats during his purchase reflection. Concretely, you not only have to write the right content for the right person, but you also have to publish it in the right place. What are the social networks used by your target? Does she check e-mail? Blogs? The forums? If so, when and how often? Answering these questions will allow you to build the optimal marketing and sales strategy. Inbound Marketing is a strategy that consists of using the Internet and social networks to offer your target high added-value content.

And attract their attention during their purchase thinking. Concretely, the buyer asks himself questions, he goes on the Internet. With Inbound Marketing, you offer them the right content in the right place and at the right time to attract them to your website, convert them into prospects, and then into customers. SLN Web – Inbound marketing agency – our method in 4 steps Inbound Marketing is permission-based: the buyer comes to you and agrees to enter into a relationship that can potentially lead to a purchase. Unlike the outdated marketing and sales actions that we saw in the introduction, you do not impose your messages on the buyer: it is the buyer who asks you for them!

Switch To Inbound Marketing

But rest assured, this is not inevitable! Attract a buyer who does not know your innovative offer. The way of buying in B2B has profoundly evolved with the Internet and social networks: the buyer now leads the vast majority of his purchasing thinking alone and he loves it! 59% of B2B buyers prefer to be able to do without contact with a sales representative in the buying journey. BIM, 2nd scary statistic! With the new services linked to chatbots and artificial intelligence, it is clear that this trend will not improve. This new purchasing behavior in B2B does not a priori do your business as an innovative company. The buyer uses the Internet to learn about his problems and seek solutions.


But now, the buyer does not suspect the existence of an innovative offer like yours and therefore HE IS NOT LOOKING FOR YOU! Selling an innovative offer is reassuring. You also have to overcome another major challenge. When you have managed to grab the buyer’s attention, you must now convince them that your innovative offer is the best solution to solve their problem and achieve their goals. The buyer is a sheep: to trust you, he needs to verify that other buyers before him – and with the same problem and the same context – have trusted you and that it worked! To convert your leads into customers, you must therefore do everything to reassure them. And that, that probably takes a lot of time, doesn’t it? Next point.

Use The Right Levers

A buying journey that weighs down your sales cycle. The innovative companies that contact us to help them convert their leads into customers have one thing in common: they have to deal with a long sales cycle that lasts between weeks or even months. And that is generally a key issue for an innovative company. The reason is quite simple: the buyer’s reflection when faced with an innovative offer takes longer since, by definition, he is generally not mature. The B2B buying journey is a 3-step process: The buyer realizes that he has a problem. The buyer chooses the solution he considers the best and seeks to validate his choice. In B2C, this buying journey can last a few seconds. In B2B.

Inbound Marketing finally takes the 4 previous steps in a single strategy. Want to know more about Inbound Marketing? Download our B2B Inbound Marketing Guide! I ask this statistic at the outset, without taking any gloves! If you’re having trouble converting your leads into customers, it’s because. It easily extends over several days. For an innovative company, this buying journey drags on, directly impacting the length of your sales cycle. To convert your leads, you have to nurture their purchase thinking. As an innovative company, you must do everything possible to bring your leads to maturity: in concrete terms, you must nourish their thinking to move them forward in the purchasing journey. The idea is to send your leads high-value-added content adapted to their level of maturity.

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