The buyer is always more demanding. The buyer is requested, very, too much requested. To attract their Reunion Email Lists convince the buyer. You must aim for the right thing: send the right message to the right person at the right time. Marketing Automation stands out here as the essential solution. Therefore, depending on their maturity. You transmit these leads generated from your website to salespeople so that they convert them into customers. But now, not all the leads you generate are ready to become a customer at the same time. With Marketing Automation, you have the opportunity to identify the most mature leads and feed the thinking of others.

How to convert your leads into customers faster and more often with Marketing Automation? Here are the 2 steps to follow! Measure the qualification level and maturity of your leads. Marketing Automation allows you to automatically measure the level of qualification and maturity of your leads thanks to its Lead Scoring functionality. Concretely, based on demographic and behavioral information, Lead Scoring automatically assigns a score to your leads, generally out of 100. The higher the score, the more qualified and mature your lead is. To effectively use the Marketing Automation tool and the Lead Scoring functionality, you must first define the typical profile of your ideal prospect – the Persona – by listing all the criteria that characterize.

All This In An Automated Way

A qualified and mature lead and the naturally discriminating characteristics ( which ultimately characterize a “bad lead”). This Persona work should be done by Marketing and Sales. Once your Lead Scoring is configured, you can automatically determine what actions must be taken for each of your leads. The lead management matrix to convert As you can see in this Leads management matrix that we use for our clients. Some leads are to be contacted immediately by the sales department while others ask to work a little more by the Marketing department. Concretely, Marketing takes care of the “Dig” and “Feed” boxes. Of the matrix while the sales department gives priority to the “Contact” box. For the “Flee” box, it speaks for itself!


Send the right message to the right person at the right time. The buyer follows a purchasing process in 3 stages: Buyer journey. How to attract customers with Inbound Marketing. Depending on his position in this purchasing journey. His content needs vary: he does not ask the same questions in the Awareness phase. As in the Consideration or Decision phase. Let’s be clear, if you are an innovative business, the vast majority of your leads will not be mature. A Hubspot study specifies that 73% of Leads generated in B2B are not ready to buy. To convert your leads into customers, it will therefore very often be necessary to “work” them by sending them quality information helping them to mature their thinking.

To Optimize Your Conversion Rate

Marketing Automation allows you to feed your leads in an automated way and to be alerted when they have reached maturity. The best practice is to do this based on the behaviors of your Leads. For this, Marketing and Sales must align and think together about Trigger Events. The Trigger Event is a “trigger” behavior: vulgarly, if a lead performs such and such an action, he will automatically receive such and such an e-mail. For example, when a Lead for which you have measured a high level of qualification but a low maturity returns to your site and consults the products and services page, it may be interesting to automatically send him an email offering him

An appointment with one of your sales representatives. Better still, you can set up an automatic alert so that an e-mail informs the sales representative in charge of this lead that he is visiting the prices page and that it is, therefore, relevant to call him immediately. A Lead contacted within 5 minutes of an action performed has a 1000 times more chance of being converted than a Lead contacted within 24 hours! As a result, Marketing Automation allows you to offer your Lead a personalized and perfectly contextualized experience. Your sales force, for its part, uses its time efficiently since it favors the treatment of the most mature and active Leads in their purchase thinking.

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