In addition, RadiTube also works as an archive, in which videos deleted by YouTube remain available. And Van Zummeren hasn’t finished developing this tool yet, so there’s bound to be some great new features on the way. Tools Radical-YouTube-search-channels-with-RadiTube 6. PDF Candy , for everything you want to change about a PDF Converting your PDF file to a JPG, modifying something in your PDF or merging or tearing PDF pages together: with PDF Candy you can change just about anything you want to or in a PDF. As soon as you open this site, you will see all options on the screen.

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You can also download all images from a PDF at once with this tool. This tool then saves the images for you in a folder, and the quality is also good. This may not be convenient or Russia Phone Number for everyone, but it does offer a solution for my editorial work. If we receive an article as a PDF, it is very difficult to extract the images while maintaining quality. PDF candy 7. Storychief Chrome Extension for Your SEO Check This is a tip we received from Sjors van Santen via our Facebook account. He writes: “This is a tool that allows you to check text in a Google Doc for the most important SEO indicators.

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Handy if you collaborate on texts or use a CMS where no plugins like Yoast are available.” Facebook post Curious about more free SEO tools? In this article you will find 21 more . 8. Get color inspiration with Palette Creator Are you looking for colors to match an image? Then Palette Creator is a handy tool. You drag an image into it and then a matching color palette appears below the image. Now you may be thinking: gosh nice, but what am I supposed to do with this? That’s what I thought at first. But of course you can also upload a photo of your living room to get color inspiration for new curtains, for example!

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