Gain new market share, generate more traffic on your website, more quotes, more incoming contacts… Here are Chad Email List objectives. It’s up to you to define yours. In-depth knowledge of the target: Emailing is the opportunity for you to deliver a message. This message must be understood and appealing. To deliver the right message, you need to know your target audience inside out. What are the needs, expectations, and behaviors of your target? What are their concerns, their areas of interest? You must determine very precisely the typical profile of your target in order to hit the mark. Very often, you will determine different profiles. You understand that you will not be able to communicate in the same way with profile A and profile B.

To create effective e-mailing, it will often be essential to segment your contact database in order to best adapt your message. Only an in-depth study of your target will allow you to segment it optimally. In addition, it is essential to take into account the maturity of your prospect to send him the perfect Emailing. A buyer who has only just become aware of his need will not have the same communication needs as a buyer who has already compared several solutions. To do a quality Emailing, take the time to think about this diagram: Buyer journey: the length of the sales cycle – Inbound Marketing. Creating Effective Email Marketing means working on a message adapted to the maturity level of your contacts.

Optimize your open rate

To create an Emailing that will allow you to achieve your objectives, you must already do everything to ensure that it is opened by the recipient! The open rate is a key indicator to measure the performance of Email Marketing. If no one is reading your Emailing, you can be sure that you won’t get requests for quotes or visits to your website. How to create the perfect email marketing? The Preheader is a crucial element for the performance of an Emailing. Now that you know your target inside out, you must do everything to make them want to open your Emailing. This involves optimizing various points: The name of the sender.


Present yourself in your best light. Forget the type names “Contact” and prefer a more personal identity such as your first name or even “The COMPANY NAME team”; The subject of your Emailing: It should be clear and concise. Your title should not be too long to be read in full from a smartphone; The Preheader: This is the first line of text in your Emailing. It is this line that appears next to/below your subject line in your Email box. The Preheader allows you to bring additional information to your object. Unfortunately, most of the time, there is the famous mention “If you are not viewing this e-mail correctly. The Preheader is therefore for you the opportunity to gain a little advantage over your competition!

The time of sending

Another criterion that has a direct influence on the open rate is the time of sending. There is no typical optimal time, it varies by industry and target. It’s up to you to do various tests and analyze the statistics. To know when to send your Email Marketing it’s here. Add value to the text. You have convinced the recipient to open your Emailing. It is undoubtedly the hardest part, but it is not over yet. You must now seduce him with your content, interest him to make him want to take action. Relevant content. Creating effective email marketing inevitably requires relevant content. Relevant content is content that meets two requirements.

The content must above all be clearly related to the subject of your Emailing. The subject of your Emailing is a promise made to the recipient. The content must be up to par. If you have been too flirtatious with your subject and the content does not follow, your Emailing will immediately end up in the trash and you may have to toast yourself permanently with your target. As in the example below, you can use the subject of your Emailing in the upper part of it (FREE delivery on ALL the site): Example – How to create an Emailing. In this example, the promise – 50% less and free shipping – is clearly respected in the e-mailing.

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