Content plays a major role in the success of your communication strategy. You understood it, you Croatia WhatsApp Number List took action. However, the results are not there. You wonder why ? Here are the 7 mistakes you all make when creating content!

Content Marketing is a strategy to create content on the internet in order to attract more traffic to your website and convert it into loyal customers. For your content marketing strategy to work, it is important to write quality content.

But what is quality content? Quality content is content that brings added value to your customers. For this, the content you create must have at least one of these vocations: inform, educate, solve, distract. The first thing to do when creating content is to ask yourself frankly what this content brings to your target audience. If the answer is “nothing”, don’t!

If you have this pre-requisite in mind, you are on the right track. This is for the good news. Now, if your Content Marketing is not earning you anything, it is probably because you are making fatal mistakes. Which ones? Here are the 7 mistakes you all make when creating content!

You understand the importance of content and you know that to be visible you need to create content that is optimized for the web. That’s fine, but be careful not to go overboard.

It is indeed a mistake that we all make: we know the main criteria used by Google in the ranking of search results and we therefore put in place the appropriate SEO strategy. Thus, to properly reference the content we create, we use the right keywords in more or less good proportions.

The Mistakes You All Make!

Don’t write your content with Google in mind. Of course, SEO is important since good content that goes unseen will never get read. But don’t forget, it’s the consumers you have to convince in the end! If your content is well referenced in search engines but does not make you want to be read, your content marketing will never earn you 1 cent.

You have no strategy!
Content Content Marketing takes time, you know that. However, you have your priorities and you often have to relegate Content Marketing to a basic task. So you create content when you have 5 minutes every now and then. If that’s it, stop right away, it’ll never get you anything! To obtain benefits, you must put in place a real Content Marketing strategy:


Define your goals!
Determine the themes and types of content that appeal to your target!
Select the platforms to publish on!
Define a publication rate corresponding to your resources (time and skills)!
Without a content marketing strategy, creating content for you will be a waste of time.

You speak with your heart… Too much!
Don’t get me wrong: to me, great content is content created with love. However, some of us tend to get carried away by the love of the jersey, the passion for their profession or their company.

Concretely, I hope for you, you are passionate about your job, your business and you could talk about it for hours. Suddenly, you don’t really know the blank page syndrome and when you start creating content, you won’t be stopped. The risk here is to be…. boring!

Think about your consumers and, always, the added value of your content, every sentence of your content. Remember the original theme of your content and avoid drifting into gross promotion of your business.

You Are Creating Content For Google!

You’re still in the promo!
This is the continuation of the previous error: you create content optimized for the web, at a relevant pace and with a well-defined strategy. Everything could be fine for you, but there you go, you are promoting your products / services all the time.

So yes, the end goal of your Content Marketing strategy is to develop your turnover. But on the Internet, even more than elsewhere, objectivity is a source of persuasion. To convince your target to pay you a quick visit, you must show them that you fully care about their issues and interests. Many experts recommend the following ratio: 80% “disinterested” content to 20% promotional content.

You are always creating content in the same place!
This is probably my main mistake. I tend to reserve my content for my blog. Unfortunately, this error has a significant impact on my Content Marketing strategy. And it’s the same for you!

So of course you have the right reflex to promote the content created on your website via social networks. This is very good, but studies show that Internet users are increasingly showing the desire to consult content without having to change platform. Clearly, if he is on Facebook, he will prefer to consult your article directly on Facebook rather than having to go to your website.

This phenomenon partly explains the emergence of “article creation” functionalities on the main social networks such as Facebook or LinkedIn.

So that your Content Marketing strategy brings you as much profit as possible, therefore create exclusive content on all of your platforms while continuing to promote your site / blog there, of course.
You’re not mining your old content!
This is a common mistake. You create content, you publish it, and you never come back to it. This is a big mistake since content now expires quite quickly.

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