Did you realize that content creation was essential to your communication strategy? Your competitors too… Suddenly, to Benin WhatsApp Number List and take full advantage of content marketing, you will have to do better than them!

Gone are the days when content marketing was seen as just a fad. Today, the majority of companies have realized the importance of content in their communication strategy. They have a blog, regularly write articles and share them on social networks.

So how do you set yourself apart from your competition? By creating better quality content of course!

There is no mystery: to stand out in all this mass of content and attract more traffic than your competitors, you have to be better, quite simply … To help you in this task, the Content Marketing agency SiegeMedia will help you. offers a complete infographic!

15 tips to be better than your competition at content creation
Tip # 1: Use shorter URLs than your competition
On average, the sites that are first on Google use URLs of 50 characters!

Tip # 2: Post exclusive content
Interactive content, such as video or graphics, converts twice as much as static content (ex: blog article)!

Tip # 3: Write a better headline
The click-through rate of your content depends directly on the relevance of your title!

Tip # 4: Create more readable content
On average, the first articles on Google are understandable by children between 13 and 15 years old!

Tip # 5: Write better structured content
The Internet user wants a quick answer: 78% of the best referenced content uses bulleted lists!

Tip # 6: Use a bigger font
On average, the top-ranked content uses a 15.8-pixel font!

Tip # 7: Optimize the loading speed
On average, the first two results on Google have less weighty images than the next 30 results!

Tip # 8: Be more visual
The best referenced content has an average of 9 images and one image every 75/100 words!

Tip # 9: Use better quality images
High quality images are shared 121% more!

Tip # 10: Get readers to share your content
Social media share buttons increase website traffic!

The More Your Followers Will Be Engaged

Tip # 11: Use floating share buttons
Floating share buttons get 27% more social media shares!

Tip # 12: Embed external links in your content
Mentioning external sites via links multiplies by 3 the number of shares on social networks!

Tip # 13: Write longer content
On average, the best-referenced content contains 2,416 words!

Tip # 14: Share your content at the right times
Share your content when your targets are online!


Tip # 15: Send an E-Mailing
E-Mailings sent on Mondays and Tuesdays have better open and click-through rates!

Before you post a tweet on Twitter, ask yourself if it will do anything for your followers. If not, please abstain. To be effective, we usually say that promotional messages should not represent more than 20% of your communication on Twitter.

Best practice: Thank your subscribers
how to communicate well on Twitter
If you want to engage your followers on Twitter, you need to show them that what they do for you matters! And for that, what could be better than thanking them? So never miss an opportunity to thank your Twitter followers for retweeting, following, or bookmarking.

You can thank them with words, which is already great, but also by organizing activities on your Twitter account such as special offers or contests.

Best practice to communicate well on Twitter, be yourself!
The last good practice, but arguably the most important! To communicate well on Twitter, it’s important to be yourself. You have to communicate with your emotions, your values ​​and your ambitions. This is the best way to set yourself apart from your competition. The more you engage, on Twitter … So let your heart speak and everything should be fine!

Avoid Self-promotion

Illustrate your tweets with emojis
how to communicate well on twitter
Has been a few months ago, emojis made a strong income, notably through the development of smartphones, messaging and social networks like Snapchat. When you look at it closely, Twitter’s design is a bit monotonous. Suddenly, emojis allow you to add color and stand out in the timeline of your Twitter followers. You should know that a Twitter user has an average of 200 subscribers: to hold the attention of Twitter users, you have to stand out!

Retweet with your vision
This is another tip that stems from an exchange with Jonathan Chan. A few months ago, Twitter added a feature that allows you to retweet a tweet by adding a quote. This is a great opportunity for you to improve your communication on Twitter.

how to communicate well on twitter – retweet
Where many are content to retweet a tweet without necessarily having read the content, you can stand out by personalizing your retweet by adding a relevant remark. Not only does this promote your engagement but it also allows you to strengthen your relationship with your Twitter followers.

Post on Twitter at the right time
I check this every day. When a customer posts new content, we share it multiple times on Twitter, in different niches. The results are staggering, the same tweet can go completely unnoticed and then spark record engagement.

To communicate well on Twitter, it is important to determine the key times to post. It is hindsight, experience, which will allow you to determine these moments. The idea is simply to tweet when your community is most connected!

By posting your tweet multiple times, you optimize your chances of it being seen by your entire community.

We have already said in this post: Twitter is a social network before being a marketing tool. To communicate well on Twitter, you need to post high value-added content. Your tweets must bring something to your subscribers: you can entertain them, inform them, solve one of their problem or even educate them.

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