Digital transformation affects all business lines of the company. One of the most affected services is the sales force. The web has Latvia WhatsApp Number List complex, notably through increased competition and new purchasing behavior. How to support your salespeople in this revolution? Thanks to the content! As this infographic from Sales For Life demonstrates , consumer behavior has changed:

74% of buyers do business with the salesperson providing the most added value;
57% of the purchasing process is carried out before the intervention of a salesperson;
75% of B2B buyers use social media to find a sales representative;
These various statistics show that today it is essential for a salesperson to forge a strong online presence in order to be visible and convincing.

To Gain Credibility

How? ‘Or’ What ? Thanks to Content Marketing! The renewal of the sales force requires collaboration with the marketing department. This collaboration makes it possible to create content that perfectly matches the needs and expectations of the target:

To go further: How to create a relevant content strategy?
The 3 benefits of content for the commercial
Quality content is the key to sales success. The content will allow it to optimize its visibility and image. Here are the 3 benefits of Content Marketing for the salesperson:

Content, to gain trust
Content Marketing makes it possible to create and distribute content that responds very precisely to the problems encountered by the target.


By distributing content that clearly responds to these issues, salespeople gradually gain the confidence of their prospects: it is relevant, brings added value, what they have to sell is necessarily good!

Content, to position yourself as an expert
By creating quality content, marketing allows salespeople to position themselves as an expert in the field of activity concerned.

By regularly sharing blog articles, Ebooks or infographics, the salesperson will be considered a reliable source of information by the target.

With content, the salesperson gives all the keys to the buyer to make the right decision. If the content is aligned with the expectations and needs of the consumer, the salesperson will gain all the legitimacy required to sell.

A Strength For Salespeople

how to communicate well on the internet and promote your business
The complete infographic:
Content Marketing, a force for sales.

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Excellent article. Well done.
Not only can the publication of relevant content help salespeople in their prospecting, but we must ask ourselves if a content strategy has not become a necessary step?
The commercial process became more complex with the time from initial contact until signing. Information taking by the buyer and his decision-making process have become omni-channel and therefore potential points of contact with the seller as well. The old-fashioned sale is no longer possible, it is up to us to imagine the commercial strategies of tomorrow.

And yes, by offering quality content on its website, the company can gather visitors and possibly convert them into prospects or potential customers. This will generate traffic, which is not without positive consequences in SEO. The more interesting content the site offers, the more Internet users visit the site, and ultimately the number of prospects and customers will increase.

Social connectivity is a key and essential aspect for small business marketing. When businesses offer and publish quality web content, they build relationships with consumers and establish themselves as experts in their fields.

Distributing this content on their social media channels allows them to spread the word, deliver value to their customers and internet users, and create buzz around their business. Hence the importance and the need to have a good content marketing strategy.

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