Content is the key to a successful communication strategy. And this, for the community manager as for the press officer 2.0. They Malta WhatsApp Number List a comprehensive content strategy.

This starts from the day before through curation and of course the creation of content. Their goal is to disseminate relevant content with high viral potential on social media, generating engagement in their community.

The role of the press officer on social networks is primarily to relay information and company news. But not only ! The 2.0 press attaché must also share the content created by influencers in order to develop and maintain a lasting relationship with them based on win / win. Underline your text online with this underliner tool. Write out or paste across the content you want to be underlined and then you will see it automatically generated underlined – which you can copy and paste across to where you want.

The Community Manager, for his part, is often confined to the dissemination of promotional content, around his brand and its products. Wrong, since we consider that a good communication strategy should not contain more than 20% promotional content …

The Common Missions In Content Creation

Moderation exclusive to the community manager
Another point that differentiates the community manager from the 2.0 press officer is moderation. Moderation is even the major difference between the two professions.

The community manager dialogues with his communities, he responds to their comments, whether positive or negative. This is not the case with the press officer.

The community manager must have a perpetual presence on social networks. It must occupy the space to prevent the competitor from doing so. Also, the community manager very often provides the brand’s after-sales service in this way and thus represents a valuable source of feedback.


In conclusion,
The jobs of community manager and press attaché are today jobs in their own right. However, we see that the border between the two is thin and even tends to blur.

To ensure their sustainability, agencies and press officers must indeed integrate social media into their strategies. Like the press attaché, the community manager must learn to develop his address book to optimize the visibility of his content. A word from the expert: Catherine Cervoni – CathCervoni

Social Networks, Different Uses

Catherine Cervoni specializes in “traditional” press and public relations and has developed an expertise in PR 2.0 over the past 3 years. This led him to build training in PR 2.0 and social networks. Find Catherine on her blog:

The press relations business took a turn, mainly a few years ago, with the development of the web. We have seen a decrease in the so-called traditional press, a rise in online media and the emergence of bloggers. The latter have taken on considerable importance and have become real influencers in their field of expertise.

To ensure the visibility of its clients, press officers must integrate online and blogs into their strategy, which leads them to master the codes of social networks to use them.

And yet we still see agencies proposing a PR strategy that does not include PR 2.0… They risk disappearing if they do not evolve very quickly. Indeed, today, a press attaché can no longer just write a press release, send it and follow up by phone.

It must, more than ever, adapt its writing, its messages to its targets and to the supports (web / paper / blog / social networks) as well in the form, the content, as in the channels of distribution, contact and reminders …

He must find the right levers to operate, be more and more creative in the operations he implements… and obviously be connected. If these conditions are not met, it will not be effective enough to develop the reputation of its client.

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