Winning new customers has become more complex with the Internet and social networks. The buyer now conducts the majority of his Iceland Phone Number List of your sales prospecting actions. To cope, Marketing and Sales must imperatively work hand in hand! But now, between Marketing and Sales, it is not the great love . So much so that Marketing and Sales alignment is becoming a major issue in B2B. To enable you to meet the challenge successfully, we offer 4 actions to put in place today to align Marketing and Sales. Do not waste any more time, your commercial development depends on it: invite the Marketing department.

And the Sales department to a working meeting now and work on the following points : If Marketing and Sales do not move forward together, it is often because they do not have the same interests. I have worked for a long time as a Marketing Manager. My remuneration depended on the turnover generated directly from my actions while the sales representatives were interested in the contracts they signed. This remuneration mechanism is totally outdated and generally generates tensions between Marketing and Sales. Marketing passes leads to salespeople, but since they don’t collaborate together, conversion is difficult. Suddenly, Marketing calls into question the skills of the Salesperson and the Salesperson evokes the poor quality of Marketing leads.

To Align Marketing And Sales, Align Goals

To align Marketing and Sales, this inevitably requires defining common goals. The thinking here is simple : You have an objective in terms of turnover which translates into the volume of new customers. With your conversion rate, you know how many leads are needed to sign these new customers. Therefore, you are able to define with Marketing SMART objectives to generate this volume of qualified prospects based on the number of visits to your website and all the key indicators related to the actions you take to attract these visits. To align Marketing and Sales, determine the ideal prospect. To meet the expectations and behaviors of the modern B2B buyer, Marketing must generate qualified prospects from the Internet.


Insufficient quantity to allow the Salesperson to reach the turnover objective. But now, for this mechanism to work, Marketing and Sales must agree on what a qualified prospect is . To align Marketing and Sales, the second thing to do is therefore to work on a common definition of the typical profile of your ideal prospect. Marketing has the ability to qualify a prospect through well thought-out forms on your website and by monitoring their online behavior. However, to do this effectively, the Sales Representative must share his field experience with him. When we are approached by a company to align Marketing and Sales, our first question in sales is very simple: which leads do you like to deal with?

Fight Against The Hater

From this discussion with the marketing department emerges a detailed portrait of the ideal prospect: the Persona . To align Marketing and Sales, define your Lead Scoring. To convert a prospect into a customer, you have to approach him at the right time. As we have seen previously, the buyer prefers to carry out the majority of his purchase thinking on his own and only accepts contact with a sales representative when the decision is made. To cope with this expectation, the salesperson must intervene at the best time, when the prospect is mature enough. However, very often, the companies that we meet do not take into account the buyer’s process. And Marketing passes the leads far too early to the Sales Representative.

And there, it gets stuck, hence the tensions. Aligning marketing and sales: a crucial issue. To optimize your lead / customer conversion rate and align Marketing and Sales, the two departments must jointly define what characterizes a mature prospect . The objective here is to note the maturity of a prospect. To score him – according to demographic criteria. But also to the history of his behavior on your website and vis-à-vis your communications. Configured in a Marketing Automation tool. Lead Scoring allows you to automatically send a mature. Lead to the Sales department so that they can contact them at the right time. At the same time, Marketing must do everything possible to feed the buyer’s thinking to gradually bring it to maturity.

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