From there, you can think about what you have to offer your influencers. It is not a question here of thinking of financial compensation. As Nigeria Phone Number List above, 70% of bloggers don’t or rarely ask for compensation from the brands that ask for them.
To help you in your thinking, Cision presents in its study the 7 types of remuneration that influencers would like to be offered by brands.

Gifts of all kinds come first. Then come the content and sponsored posts which consist in paying the influencer to publish an article or a post on social networks. To convince an influencer to advertise yourself, you can also consider involving them at an event.

Step # 3: You can initiate initial contact with influencers
Now that you have established a more or less successful relationship with your influencers and that you have precisely defined your offer, you can start a first contact to gauge their receptivity and their interest in your brand.
how to contact influencers

For a first contact, I would recommend that you first send a private message to your influencers on one of their social networks and then send them a more complete email.

To optimize returns, I recommend that you contact an influencer on the social network where he is most active.

For the email phase, the key to success naturally lies in your message: it must be personalized and your pitch must be convincing.

Influencers hate receiving an email that has been sent to thousands of other contacts. Remember, they are overworked so you should do everything to get their attention.

Another important point: be clear in your approach! Don’t beat around the bush and be clear about what you expect from the influencer you contact.

What Remuneration For Influencers?

This is the whole point of having worked on your offer upstream: you are now in a position to ask him for a few specific things by offering him a specific counterpart.
Measure the results of your actions
This is the advantage of digital marketing and web communication: you can follow the relevance of your actions in real time and influencer relationships are no exception.

To optimize your return on investment, you must analyze as many indicators as possible.

How many influencers responded to your request? What content has been published? Who are the influencers who brought you the most visits to your website? Contacts? Customers?

By measuring all of this, you will be able to determine which influencers are most important to your brand but also make any necessary changes to your strategy to optimize your ROI. Maintain Relationships With Your Influencers


Influencers are like customers: it costs more to gain new ones than to retain acquired loyalty.

You can clearly see it in this procedure: there is a huge amount of work to be done to contact influencers, so it would be a shame to have to start all over again in a next operation.

To retain influencers, you just need to use a little common sense.

The first thing to do is of course to thank them for their collaboration and to keep them informed of the repercussions that this has had on your activity. Then, maintain contact on social networks and regularly share the content of your influencers.

If you only do this when you ask your influencers for something, they will feel frustrated, tired of your attitude and will not end up responding to your requests …

You Have Several Options Here

Example of Email to Contact an Influencer
Do you want more concrete to take action now? Here is an example of a typical email to contact an influencer and convince them to advertise you.

Please note, as we have seen previously, it is essential to personalize your email to effectively contact an influencer. If you reach out to all influencers by copying and pasting this sample email, you won’t get their attention. This standard e-mail should inspire you but not prevent you from working on your own message!

Typical email to contact an influencer:
“Hello [First name],

I follow you regularly on [name the social networks concerned] and I greatly appreciate the quality of your publications. I am also very appreciative of the engagement you generate.

I recently read [Article Title] that you wrote / shared on [cited where you saw article]. I think we can explore synergies on this topic.

I know that as a recognized influencer in your field of activity you must be in great demand, but I would like to talk to you for a few minutes to offer you a partnership that could allow you to bring added value to your community.

I am at your disposal to discuss it. An Email is not enough to Contact an Influencer. You can’t contact an influencer just by email and expect effective feedback.

What I mean by that is email shouldn’t be your first attempt to contact an influencer. As you know, we tend to immediately delete emails we receive from senders we don’t know.

Before contacting an influencer by email, you should draw their attention to the social media that they use on a daily basis : you can regularly comment on their blog posts or their publications on social networks.
Consider liking and sharing what the influencer posts.

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