If you are planning to communicate on social media or are just getting started, you have a bunch of questions coming to mind. What to Ukraine Phone Number List whom… Here are the answers to all the questions you ask yourself about communication on social networks.

Since I launched the SLN Web agency, I have encountered the same questions every day from my clients. And to be frank with you, I also asked myself these questions when I started out on social networks.

Internet and social networks go fast, very fast. Asking yourself questions is therefore natural and answering them will undoubtedly allow you to achieve your goals. Here are the 18 questions about social networks that I come across the most and their answers!

No! You must strategically select the social networks on which to communicate.
Communicating on social networks takes time. If you decide to create an account on all social networks, I can already tell you how it will end: you will be dispersed, you will not communicate regularly enough on each of your social networks, the results will not be there. and you will decide to stop the costs.

Unfortunately, this is an error that I find very frequently with my clients: full of good will, they tell themselves that by communicating on all social networks, they will necessarily gain visibility and develop their turnover more quickly.

Before starting to communicate on social networks, you should already take stock of the skills you have internally and all the resources you can allocate to your communication on social networks. Especially in terms of time.

Do I Have To Communicate On All Social Networks?

From then on, you will concretely define the number of social networks on which you can communicate effectively. It then remains to choose the social networks on which your target is located. These social networks must also be in line with your values ​​and the brand image you want to develop.

To support you in this process, I conducted a study of the main social networks presenting in particular the typical portrait of users for each of them and their specificities.

Need Help Communicating Well on Social Networks? Our Online Coaching is Made for You! online digital marketing coaching – 60 minutes social networks. You must publish content with high added value and adapted to your target audience on social networks.
Communication on social networks has become common. It’s a safe bet that other companies in your industry are already communicating on social networks and you will therefore have to do everything to stand out if you want to arouse the interest of your target audience.


The first thing to do is to publish content on your social networks in line with the expectations, needs and interests of your target. For this, you must know it inside out and I advise you to take a moment to work on your Marketing Personas.

Your content must also be consistent with the information consumption habits of your target: does it connect mainly from a computer or a mobile device? Does she prefer video or blog posts. Finally, your content on social networks must add value.

High added value content is content that meets at least one of these 4 vocations: inform, educate, solve, entertain.

To allow you to skilfully select the content you will publish on your social networks, I have worked on a periodic table of content marketing allowing you to see at a glance all the types of content available and their uses. .

What Content Should I Post On Social Media?

If you are asking yourself this question, it’s probably because your eyes are bigger than your stomach and you plan to communicate on too many different social networks.

To communicate effectively on social media, you need to make – as much as possible – that each of the social networks you use offers unique content. What is the interest for one of your Facebook fans to follow you on Twitter or LinkedIn if they find the same content as on Facebook?

Of course, you can relay a blog post or an infographic on all of your social networks, but you must imperatively distribute it at different times and with a different description.

On the other hand, it is important to maintain a similar identity on all of your social networks in order to allow your target to find you easily: thus, I recommend that you use the same profile photo, the same cover photo and the same name for all of your social networks.

4How often should I post on social media? Your rate of publication on social networks depends on you and your target.
There are two schools on the networks: those who advocate quantity and those who favor quality.

For my part, I advise you to determine your frequency on social networks according to two things: your internal resources and the behavior of your target.

Indeed, the frequency of publication that you plan for your social networks must be achievable. In other words, you must have the time to publish but also to create the content that you will publish on social networks. It is therefore important to take stock of the internal resources that you can allocate to your communication on social networks before starting.

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