With the Internet and social media, you now have the ability to attract customers to you rather than chasing them. We are Slovenia Phone Number List Marketing. Nice promise, but to fully exploit the potential of Inbound Marketing, you need 7 essential skills. What is inbound marketing?
Inbound Marketing is very simple: it’s a strategy that consists of attracting customers to you rather than chasing them. That’s a nice promise on paper and, I’ll grant you, it’s worth saying anything and everything isn’t it?

To be more concrete, Inbound Marketing consists of exploiting all the levers at your disposal to attract as much traffic as possible to your website, retrieve the contact details of your visitors to transform them into prospects, then convert them into customers and finally retain them. .

the 4 stages of inbound marketing. It sounds simple said like that but to carry out your Inbound Marketing strategy, you must however master some key skills. 7 to be precise.

It is the basis of any communication strategy on the internet. If you want to attract customers to you, you have to be visible. And to be visible, you must be well referenced in the search engines. So you naturally understand why it is essential to understand and master the basics of natural referencing.

To go further: the 5 commandments of SEO. Another important point to be visible on the internet and attract as many visitors as possible: writing web content.

Concretely, the more quality pages you have on your website, the more you increase your chances of attracting visitors. Each page of your website is in a way a gateway. In this situation, it is essential to have a blog section on your website and to write articles there regularly.

Inbound Marketing skills

Only here, web writing techniques differ markedly from writing techniques learned in school. It is important here to know how to identify your strategic keywords and optimize your articles around these keywords.To go further: How to write optimized content for the web.

Communicating well on the internet is knowing how to communicate on social networks. Be careful, communicating effectively on social networks – community management therefore – does not only consist of publishing a post on Facebook from time to time. To communicate well on social networks, it is important to know:

Select strategic social networks for your business;
Define an editorial line adapted to its target;
Write optimal publications according to social networks;
Create content and visuals;


Analyze the statistics of your actions;
To go further: How to communicate well on social networks
This is not about having web development skills. To carry out an Inbound Marketing strategy, you do not have to know how to create a website from A to Z but it is important to know the basics of website management for several reasons.

First, because you will have to make regular changes to your website. If you have to go through your webmaster or your web provider each time, you will naturally lose spontaneity, an essential quality to communicate well on the internet.

Then, it is important to understand how the code of a website works if only to apply or enforce the changes necessary for the good SEO of your website. Finally, to set up a relevant Inbound Marketing strategy, you will also need to put call-to-action buttons on your website and optimize your conversion funnel.

E-mailing is the lever most used by marketers and recognized as the most effective lever to convert a prospect into a customer. However, to reap the benefits, it is important to know the best practices and know how to implement them.

Gain New Customers On Social Networks

To be successful, an e-mailing must offer quality content, be sent at the right times and to the right recipients. It is also essential to know how to manage and develop your contact base and to segment it to optimize your results.

To go further: How to write the perfect e-mailing. This skill is often overlooked by marketers. This is also one of the main reasons why companies fail in their communication on the Internet. To implement an effective Inbound Marketing strategy, it is essential to have business development skills.

How do you want to attract quality leads and convert them into customers if you don’t know how to identify, contact and persuade them? It’s impossible.

In too many companies, the marketing and sales departments do not work hand in hand. Worse, a spirit of competition and mistrust sets in between the two services since the marketing department certifies transmitting ultra-qualified prospects to the sales department and accuses it of not knowing how to sell when the latter constantly criticizes the quality of the leads transmitted. by the marketing department.

It is moreover to remedy this problem that Sébastien, Business Developer, joined the SLN Web agency so that we can offer you global support ranging from marketing strategy, and therefore lead acquisition, to conversion to customers.

The key to success on the internet is analyzing statistics. Unlike traditional communication where the fallout is difficult to analyze, the Internet allows you to analyze the performance of your actions in real time and make the necessary changes for an optimal return on investment.

Without analysis, communicating on the internet is like looking for a needle in a haystack. If you fail it’s okay, if you succeed it’s a stroke of luck and you don’t know how you did it.

Inbound Marketing is a precise strategy requiring the implementation of personalized communication actions at the right tempo. In other words, you need the right content at the right time for the right person. To determine this and your profitability, it is essential to know how to analyze the statistics available to you on social networks and Google Analytics.

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