Having a Facebook page is essential today to communicate with your customers, prospects and partners. However, it is Morocco Phone Number List there from 0. So how do you get more fans on your Facebook page? Here are 10 tips to follow!

With over 1.9 billion monthly active users , Facebook is a huge opportunity for your communication. However, the competition is fierce since there are more than 60 million Facebook pages!

So how do you tell the difference? How do you stand out and grab the attention of users? In short, how do you get more fans on Facebook?
If you have a Facebook page, you know that gaining fans on Facebook is no small task and it is often essential to resort to sponsored campaigns. It must be said that Facebook is doing everything to …

However, there are practices which have been proven and which regularly allow me to attract in a few weeks several hundred or even thousands of fans on the Facebook pages of my clients.

You wonder how? Here are 10 tips to REALLY get more fans! Need Help to Communicate Well on Facebook and Social Networks? Take advantage of our Online Coaching online digital marketing coaching – 60 minutes social networks
Have more fans on Facebook: the 10 tips to know.
Let’s start at the beginning with this trick which is nothing but common sense but which few Facebook pages really put into practice. To have fans on Facebook, you need to post high-value content on your Facebook page.

After all, why should people follow you on Facebook? Unless you’re Coca-Cola or Starbucks, you won’t attract crowds just with your logo. I often compare web communication to seduction. Do you think you can seduce the coveted being simply with your pretty face?

Post Engaging Content

There is very little chance! You will have to arm yourself with patience, highlight your qualities and tell a story that arouses interest and makes you want to know more about you. On Facebook, it’s exactly the same.

The first trick to having more fans on Facebook is therefore to publish engaging content, which will be liked, commented on and shared on the social network. For content to be engaging, it must be unique and have high added value.

High added value content is content that must meet at least one of the following vocations: entertain, inform, solve, educate. Want more Facebook fans? Ask yourself before each post what it can do for your fans. If the answer is nothing, don’t! To go further: What content to publish to boost your communication?

When a client asks me to accompany him in his communication on Facebook, he usually complains that he does not have enough fans on his page. After a few seconds of discussion, I very often see that he makes the same mistake: he posts on his Facebook page when he has time, sometimes 10 posts in a week and sometimes nothing for several months. I’m exaggerating, but you get the idea.


To have more fans on your Facebook page, you need to work on an editorial calendar that will allow you to publish regularly (and efficiently!). By regular, I mean two things: an adapted volume of publications and a frequency of publication regulated like music paper.

For the frequency, it is in fact to set appointments with your fans so that your Facebook page becomes part of their daily life. For my clients, for example, I like to publish every week at a fixed day and time “The tip of the week” in their field of activity. It is an appointment that their fans appreciate, it has become part of their habits.

Post Content Regularly

If you’ve followed the previous two tips correctly, posts to your Facebook page should generate engagement and comments. Don’t leave these comments unanswered, interact with your fans, ask them questions, fuel the debate. At least remember to thank your fans for their comments.

Earlier, we saw that there were over 60 million Facebook pages. However, 87% of fan posts on these pages go unanswered . Want to stand out from the competition and get more fans to your Facebook page? Respond to your fans!

Make Live Videos
In the age of perpetual connection, of the smartphone, of excessive content publication (we speak of infobesity), video is an essential communication lever. In this situation, the Live Video on Facebook – Facebook Live – is a real opportunity.

Live video not only allows you to deliver unique content, but also allows you to interact with your fans who ask questions and give you feedback in real time. It’s a great way to engage your fans and gain closeness.

In addition, after live streaming, the video remains available and you can highlight it on your Facebook page. Why do you do without it?

There is no question here of complicating. Do you have a smartphone? You have everything you need to make Live videos on Facebook! You can do tutorials, product demonstrations, tours of your premises… there is no shortage of ideas.

For example, I am currently working on the launch of a new collective “The Noobies” aimed at promoting Digital in Le Havre. This evening, we are organizing a Web Apéro during which we have planned to do live interviews with the participants that we will broadcast on the Noobies Facebook page . This will allow those absent to follow the event and by tagging the interviewed participants, we will ensure a minimum of views and shares!

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