To check that your website is mobile-friendly, you can use the tool provided by Google . You only have to enter the Algeria WhatsApp Number List to be fixed. promote your company website. Then, to check that the code of a website corresponds to the expectations of search engines, I use the free tool GTMetrix.

Here too, you just have to enter the address of your website and you will obtain a detailed report including in particular the loading speed and the improvements to be made:

check the referencing of your website. Here we can see that the site of L’Équipe at the time was far from perfect!

Check that your content is optimized for the web. Content creation is the central element of an effective strategy to promote your business on the Internet.

Writing content on the internet is different from traditional copywriting. There are good practices to follow, including the one which consists in regularly using your keywords in the body of your text, the titles and the URL of your pages.

To demonstrate to you concretely that it works, a few months ago I posted an experiment whose goal was to position myself on the first Google page on the request “Write web content”. This experience will allow you to see concretely how to write web content and check for yourself that it works.

Another example: it’s a safe bet that you entered a query on Google such as how to promote your business or how to promote yourself on the Internet before arriving here?

Get links to your website
For Google, a site that links to your website is a sign of recommendation. Thus, the more links you have that point to your website, the more you will be considered as relevant by search engines.

Check That Your Site Is Well Optimized For Seo

To promote your business and your website, it is therefore essential to go fishing for links. You have several ways to get links for your website:

Write quality content that will be relayed on other websites.
Write articles on websites other than yours.
Share your content on social networks.
Register in directories and quality press release sites.
Build partnerships.


For the last two points, I recommend that you pay close attention to the nature of the sites you request. A link will be interesting for your website only if it comes from a quality site and not considered as spammy by Google.

Write a reference document for your strategy. Do you really want to market your business on the internet? This step is essential. Unfortunately, it is all too often zapped by businesses.

When I launched the agency in 2013, I told myself that I had too many priorities to manage and that my skills would be enough for me to build an effective strategy in my head. Error.

For several months, I therefore communicated on social networks and on my blog to promote my business. With more or less regularity and more or less consistency.

Taken by everyday life, I was not diligent enough in my actions: I published articles sporadically, my posts on social networks were going all over the place. Why ? Because I didn’t have time to put my ideas in order.

community management agency le havre rouen caen paris. It is essential to document your strategy to promote your business on the internet. After a few months, I finally wrote a reference document for my strategy. It engaged me and allowed me to gain in organization.

A Hashtag Must Be 6 Characters Long

The point here is not to write a 30-page document, but to lay down the outline of your strategy in black and white. One A4 page is usually more than enough. Your strategy document should include the following points to promote your business on the Internet:

Your precise objectives: I recommend that you use the SMART method for this.
The levers of communication to operate to promote your business.
Your editorial line for each lever.
An editorial calendar for the next 12 months.
The indicators to follow to check the relevance of your actions.
For the editorial calendar, this mainly involves listing all the events of the year that will have an impact on your communication: the launch of a new product, participation in a trade fair, Valentine’s Day or even the holidays. the end of the year.

Regarding indicators, this is about sequencing your objectives in order to be able to regularly monitor the relevance of your actions.

The performance indicators when you want to promote your business on the internet can be the number of visits to your website, your position in search engines or your number of Facebook fans.

Optimize your profiles and pages on social networks. To communicate well on social networks and promote your business on the internet, it is important that your accounts and pages are optimized. Here are 3 key points to check to promote your business through social networks: Profile photo and cover photo. These are the first two visuals that Internet users will see when they access your page. You must with these two photos hold their attention.

For this, your profile photo must be representative of your activity. If you are independent, post a photo of yourself. If you are a brand, put a logo.

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