Know your target audience and communicate in a targeted manner It starts with an understanding of the knowledge level and information needs of the stakeholders involved. This understanding helps to communicate as efficiently as possible. You don’t have to dwell too long on things they already know and you can specifically explain how new concepts fit in with that. With a target group with varying levels of knowledge, it is an art to find the right balance between simplicity and depth. You don’t want to lose less technical people in the conversation.

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And at the same time provide the technically skilled people with the right details. It will take some time and practical experience to find the right Luxembourg Phone Number balance. For example, you can pay attention to people’s body language and the general mood to determine when it is time to move on to the next point, or when you should take more time to explain certain aspects. It is advisable to make a source file containing the concept, the planning and, where possible, the agreements and additional sources available from the start of the innovation process.

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This enables people to look up information that matches their level of knowledge and needs. By creating a central source of information. You also ensure a ‘ single source of truth ‘ that people can consult if something is unclear. Also read: This is how you make your change process a success Tip 2. Avoid technical jargon The IT world is full of technical jargon. Chances are, however, that many people in your audience aren’t familiar with the technical catchphrases and acronyms. Using jargon can make some people feel left out and drop out.

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