A Call-to-Action (CTA) is a central element in generating leads. Without a CTA, no leads and no return on investment. Without an Australian Email Address is crucial for you. How to do it? Here are 9 examples of Call-to-Action to follow! What is a Call-to-Action? Definition. A Call-to-Action is literally a call-to-action button. Clearly, a Call-to-Action is a button whose mission is to encourage the Internet user to perform the desired action. The most famous Call-to-Action (CTA) is undoubtedly famous – seen, seen, and reviewed – “Subscribe”, “subscribe”, “Buy” or “Add to cart”. In the context of lead generation, I rather like to complete the definition of Call-to-Action as follows.

A Call-to-Action is a contextualized call-to-action button encouraging the Internet user to click to benefit from an offer in return for a completed form”. You can integrate a CTA on a web page, and e-mail, or even communication on social networks. How to create a perfect Call-to-Action? Here are 9 inspiring Call-to-Action examples! Create a visible and incentive Call-to-Action. An effective Call-to-Action is a visible and inspiring CTA. Concretely, your Call-to-Action must attract the Internet user and encourage the Internet user to perform the action you want. As part of lead generation, you want the user to click on the Call-to-Action to fill out a form. Here are 3 examples of visible and incentive Call-to-Action.

9 examples of effective Call-to-Action

The PayPlug example. an example of CTA – Payplug. I really like the vision of Pauline Parizot, Marketing Manager at Payplug, who relies on simplicity for each of her actions of her. Digital Marketing strategy. This is also the case for their Call-to-Action. In this example, we see that the 3 Call-to-Action are visible and very clearly convey the added value of a click. On the first CTA, for example, we receive a checklist to make our visitors our best customers. The title of the Call-to-Action is clear, we know what to expect. The Salesforce example. Cta salesforce example. A Call-to-Action is essential to gain subscribers to your newsletter. In this CTA example, Salesforce is playing it easy.


The Call-to-Action is visible, clear, and clearly describes what is going to happen. By clicking on the Call-to-Action, we subscribe to the Salesforce newsletter and we will receive it every two weeks! An example of a Simple and effective CTA. The Welcome to The Jungle example. A Call-to-Action can also take the form of a Pop-Up that opens on your website following a trigger. The best known is the Pop-up that opens when you are about to leave a website. In this Welcome to The Jungle example, the Call-to-Action features a color code that stands out well on their website. In addition, this example of Call-to-Action offers an original teaser to encourage Internet users to order the magazine.

Great job from Elsa Groschaus

Create a Call-to-Action that announces the added value. A good Call-to-Action is visible and stimulating. Better still, it conveys the added value of the click at a glance. Clearly, your CTA must allow the user to understand at a glance the profit he will derive from a click. Let’s see 3 examples of Call-to-Action that clearly reflect their added value: The Livestorm example. When you arrive on the home page of Livestorm, Gilles Bertaux – the CEO – and his team offers you to test their webinar software for free without downloading. Free. No download. This example of Call-to-Action presents the added value very simply. The green denotes well with the omnipresent blue on the website, making the Call-to-Action unmissable.

The Fnac example. A Call-to-Action is a key element to creating effective Emailing. In this example of a CTA, Fnac respects best practices. The purpose of the e-mail is to get us to order the latest smartphone from Samsung. The Call-to-Action in white on black is visible, it is an incentive and clearly describes the added value. By pre-ordering the smartphone, we will benefit from a pair of Bluetooth headsets! The Textmaster example. Cta text master example. Blog posts are a great way to generate leads. However, to generate leads with a blog post, it is essential to include a Call-to-Action. This is what Textmaster does very well. In this example of a very visible Call-to-Action.

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