When most of us discovered digital marketing the only option to pay for attention was banner ads on websites. Yahoo was one of the big players then. That was about it. It was the 1990’s. In early 2000’s the rise of google led to a new digital advertising option. Search advertising. This was a way to make money that offered rivers of gold as the it was cheap to advertise online. But then google changed the rules and increased the rates. Cambodia Phone Number List Does that sound familiar to the big “f”? It’s a 2 horse race the concentration of revenue and the ownership of platforms means that advertising options maybe complex but still concentrated. Up starts like snapchat are trying to muscle in after going public. 

But it has some major challenges to make any sizeable dent on the two giant incumbents of facebook and google. This graphic from emarketer shows the challenge it faces. Digital marketing trends today the rules of the game means that you need to either have the skills within your company or find a good Cambodia Phone Number List partner. 5. Live video keeps booming live streaming video is maybe the hottest trend in digital marketing right now. One of the first social networks to offer this was google+. Google hangouts was a great part of the platform. But meerkat was maybe the first live streaming video app that captured our consciousness. Then it was periscope and then blab. Only one of those survives and that is because it has a rich uncle called “twitter”. 

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But when facebook “live” was launched in 2015 to a limited audience of celebrities the game changed. But why use live streaming? Mark zuckerberg has suggested that people watch live streams 300% longer and comment 10 times more than regular videos. In marketing terms. More engagement Cambodia phone number is gold. Digital marketing trends image source: digiday.Com but “live” video is great except when you have people sharing video streams of consciousness that are not worth watching. More content doesn’t mean better quality. My facebook news feed is full of it. 6. The rise and rise of algorithms google’s algorithms were the first taste of the machines controlling what content you saw in search results. 

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Then when facebook reduced organic reach the intrusion of algorithms that filtered what we saw in newsfeeds. But today we are also seeing the application of algorithms and filtering to the email inbox. Marketing emails are often going to the promotions tab in your gmail account. Digital Cambodia Phone Number List marketers will need to keep on top of this to ensure they are optimising content that rises above the search engine. Social network and email filters. The battle of beating the algorithms will continue. 7. Influencer marketing takes center stage the social web gave rise to global topic tribes. 

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Bloggers created content on fashion. Food and thousands of other niche passions. They also built loyal followers and advocates on instagram. Twitter and facebook. They constructed credibility Cambodia Phone Number List and trust built on authentic content. Social media marketing trends image source: twitter as the noise increases online and reaching your target customer gets harder because of content clutter the influencer and thought leaders who have built reach globally are the new niche gatekeepers. 

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