If you focus only on sales. You will probably end up with a big advertising bill. Keeping in mind that selling is your goal. You need to build trusting relationships with your potential buyers. That’s why you shouldn’t focus on sales entirely at this point. But focus on having Anhui Phone Number a conversation with your audience. Let’s look at the best made publication as an example (it is the company that produces clothes and equipment for adventures). The goal of this release seems to be to tell people how diligently the company creates and tests their products. This short story tells the exciting adventure of the best made team to distant places of patagonia. 

They visit a fascinating man who lives in a remote house among the andes. “when you set foot on la isla. Thigh-deep in snow. The distance sets in: between you and home. Between you and family. Between you and the nearest hospital. There’s no margin for error here; everything you bring must perform. And so the details we obsessed over in the months of prior product Anhui Phone Number development were put to the test.” – peter buchanan-smith. Founderceo the text is accompanied by a series of great pictures. Text-is-accompanied-by-a-series-of-great-pictures-for-storytelling-in-content-marketing when you read this. You get the impression that the team puts a lot of effort into testing their equipment. If that was their goal. It totally worked. 

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So. You should also have a small and concrete goal for every one of your publications. Now. Let’s talk about the ways you can gain your audience’s trust and make your content go viral. Recommendations for writing an engaging story personalize people don’t like Anhui phone number reading abstract texts. Tell the story from either your own. Or someone else’s point of view (name this person too). Such stories are more likely to evoke empathy. Make the story teller look as similar to your clients (users. Readers. Etc.) as possible. Having the same problems and worries. 

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This approach would be perfect for a marketing campaign where the main character talks about the product or service. Answering the possible questions that people may have. Here is a bright example where the story is told by a cat that was saved by the vokra company. Anhui Phone Number The cat asks people to donate money so that the company can save more animals. Personalize-for-storytelling-in-content-marketing add emotion nostalgia. Humor. Admiration or even fear – you should tell a story so that it brings out an emotional reaction. Let’s take the solidworks company as an example. 

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This company manages to wrap a bunch of technical information for industrial designs into funny stories. For instance. They tell you how solidworks solutions can help you count how much material you would need to board up your door in case of a zombie Anhui Phone Number apocalypse. Clever. Huh? The sas company also used that trick. Telling on their blog how you can visualize the data so that it looks like a cowboy hat. Those things make people smile; it’s a perfect emotion to start with. Offer a scenario that solves a problem you can take people’s fears. Doubts. And insecurities and show them how your product can deal with these problems. 

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