You read everywhere that to generate leads on the Internet you have to write. Content but at home that does not work? It’s usually Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Email Lists in the field. Here are the 5 blunders I identified that prevent you from generating leads with your content: What is a Persona? You haven’t done a good job on yours. Personas Do you know how much time we spend working on our clients’ Personas? 15 days on average! Persona’s work is clearly underestimated by businesses and this is the number one reason why you fail to generate leads with your content. To generate leads with content, you have to actually get the right message to the right person at the right time.

You might think it’s a ready-made phrase but it’s the heart of lead generation and a successful Inbound Marketing strategy. New call-to-action 2. Your content is not adapted to the buying journey With the Internet and social networks, the buyer has gained autonomy and prefers to avoid contact with a sales representative as much as possible in the purchasing process. The buyer has all the information he needs just a click away to conduct his own thinking and make his purchasing decision: information about your offer, that of your competitors, and your market in general. buyer journey: how to attract customers with Inbound Marketing The buyer’s journey is made up of 3 stages.

Let’s Start At The Beginning

Awareness: he becomes aware that he has a problem; Consideration: he identifies and compares the solutions available to him; Decision: he retains the best and tries to validate that he is making the right choice; During each of these stages, the buyer has a different need for content: he does not ask himself the same questions at the start of his reflection as after having looked at the solutions. The buyer no longer expects you to sell your solution, he expects you to guide him in this purchase reflection and that you provide him with all the answers to the questions he asks himself. If you’re having trouble generating leads with your content.


Chances are it isn’t covering that buying journey enough or effectively. To go further, I suggest you read our article 4 steps to support your prospects in their purchase thinking. You can write the best content in the world. if it’s not visible you’ll never be able to generate leads with it. I regularly meet inspiring entrepreneurs. Marketers, and salespeople who are passionate about their business and who write content for the company. Blog in order to generate leads. I assure you, their articles are worth the cost to read but unfortunately. They are not because no one sees them. To be concrete, your article must be optimized for SEO: it must contain keywords.

Your Content Is Not Optimized For The Web

That your target uses to search for information throughout their purchase thinking on Google and search engines. To go further here, I suggest you consult the SEO experience that we carried out. On the blog to present the best practices to follow to index your articles on the first page on Google. 4. Your content is too promotional A brand must no longer sell: it must offer a unique experience to its prospects and show them that it is the best way to respond to their problems and allow them to achieve their objectives. Your content doesn’t have to showcase your offers and promote your business if you want to generate leads.

Yesterday again, I met an innovative company (a logistics software publisher) who was proud to present their blog to me. After welcoming the approach and quickly scanning the first pages of this blog, I saw that the articles were in fact a compilation of press releases and reports of events in which the company had participated. How is this content supposed to guide the buyer in the buying journey? These contents are of interest for the Decision phase of the purchasing journey, but they do not provide food for thought for a buyer who is in the Awareness or Consideration phase. If you want to generate leads with your content, you shouldn’t have more than 20% promotional content.

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