So I see you coming: “I don’t have time! False excuse! And above all. So yes, working on a documented Cape Verde Email List your enthusiasm takes action aside. But working on a documented strategy will then save you time and improve performance. I know what I’m talking about, I’ve been there too. I too was one of those who had a strategy in their head. And it is by dint of being fed up with finding myself in front of my computer wondering what I was going to be able to do today to generate Leads that I decided to take the plunge. I was not deceived. Neither have my clients.

A documented strategy allows you to make a commitment to yourself, to know what to do day in and day out, to organize yourself, and even to facilitate the onboarding of new employees. So what do we put in a Lead generation strategy? First your goals. Find out where you want to go and stay the course. Then your Personas, the typical profile of your ideal client. Find out who you’re talking to and how you can get their attention. Then your editorial line. What messages are you going to send? In what formats? Via what levers? And finally, your performance indicators. To analyze your actions, check that you are on the right track and adjust your actions if necessary.

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Now that you have your documented strategy, we can finally take action. SLN Web – Inbound marketing agency – our method in 4 steps. What is the challenge to making your website your best salesperson? Attract qualified visitors. Convert your visitors to Leads. Convert your Leads to Customers. Make your customers your best ambassadors. Attract qualified visitors. To generate leads with your website, quality Leads, it is essential to attract qualified visitors. To attract qualified visitors to your website, you have 3 things to do. First, it is imperative to optimize the SEO of your website. Here, I recommend that you consult our guide to correctly referencing your B2B website. In this guide, we give you our method.


The one that allows us to attract more than 1,500 visitors to our website every day from Google. Then you need to write some content. Lots of content. You have to write content that adds value. Remember what we saw previously. If you talk about yourself, you are razor-sharp at best, frustrating at worst. The buyer no longer expects you to just advertise. The modern buyer wants you to help them in their purchase thinking, that your content answers the questions they are asking and helps them solve their problems. Here, I recommend that you consult a practical case for writing good web content. Finally, in order to attract more qualified visitors to your website, you must promote your previously created content.

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For that, you have several levers. You can communicate on social networks. We have a guide for that, to communicate well on social networks in B2B. You can also send Emails. Here too, we have published a guide to creating effective Emailing. Convert your visitors to Leads. This is the key point of the generation of Leads. How to generate leads with your visitors. After completing step 1, you have a plethora of visitors to your website. But if your visitors leave as quickly as they left, what’s the point in your bottom line? Any. You are throwing your money away. And there, I know – as we’re all the same – that it makes your hair stand out just to think about it.

To generate qualified leads and make your website your best salesperson, you need to engage your visitors. You must encourage your visitors to leave you their contact details. Comment? By getting them to click on a Call-to-Action, as you can do below: New call-to-action. Then the machine is activated. You refer your visitor to a Landing Page from which they will have to fill out a form in order to benefit from a reward that is worth the cost. Which brings added value, you understand. There are several key points to converting your website visitors to Leads. First, your Call-to-Action must be visible, attractive, and reflect the added value of your counterpart.

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