There are a lot of paid ads taking up prime real estate in search – and those paid efforts make it even more difficult for marketers to reach their audience through mobile search. See how it took four scrolls through the smartphone in order to see the top five organic Ecuador Phone Number List search results? That’s a lot of energy to expend just to find a relevant search result that isn’t a paid post. It’s evident that the experience of search is much different between desktop and mobile. The differences don’t just stop there. Think about why someone would use a mobile phone to conduct a search versus on a desktop. 

Are they on the go? Are they using it as a second screen? Were they referred to your site from a coupon they received via email? Then think about how mobile users interact with your website versus if they were to visit it on desktop. Are there certain pieces of Ecuador Phone Number List information they may want to find right away (like a phone number or address)? Do beautiful. High-resolution images that look great when viewed on desktop distract from the content on mobile? Are the calls-to-action big enough to read. Find. Or click? Similar to the scenario played out above. Brevity and convenience are important considerations to make when planning out a site for mobile. 

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That’s not to say you have to build a separate mobile website or even an app. But it does mean that responsive design is simply not enough anymore. Tips for mobile search marketing success while it would be great to consolidate our search marketing efforts Ecuador phone number between desktop and mobile into a single pipeline. It’s clear that different devices call for different experiences. As someone looking to successfully market their business. You need to know how to do this for desktop. Mobile. And to strike a balance between the two. The following tips will guide you through the essentials for mobile search marketing optimization. .

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 Find the right keywords for mobile what are the chances someone will type out a long search term on their mobile device? Probably not very likely. But that doesn’t mean they won’t receive a long-tail keyword recommendation from google that fits the bill. If Ecuador Phone Number List you’re not sure what mobile device users are searching for on mobile. Check your analytics and then use a keyword rank checker to see how well you’re doing against your target keywords. Remember: if you can’t rank in the top-half of that first search results page. It’s going to be very difficult to be found by mobile users. . 

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Focus on your serp listing whether it’s for mobile or desktop. Your serp listing matters a lot. Let’s take a look at those snow boots again. This is how dick’s sporting goods appears in a desktop search: this is how dick’s appears in mobile search: this might not matter Ecuador Phone Number List for dick’s since it’s a well-known brand. But you can see that part of the description for their serp listing is cut off. Now. If they had pertinent information in there that was essential to selling mobile users on their product or service. This would be a fail. 

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